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Unseelie Court Influence

Those that stumble upon areas protected by spiteful fey often suffer from seizures or strokes brought on by foul otherworldly curses. Sometimes, a trespasser finds that while her body and mind are wracked, her perceptions expand painfully, allowing her to see her tormentors and their fellows as she otherwise never could. The Unseelie Court, sometimes known as the Winter Court, is a group of fey associated with decadence, corruption, and negative aspects of nature. Their numbers include the bogeyman, bog nixie, fey creature, forlarren, gremlin, grimstalker, huldra, kelpie, larabay, lurker in light, mite, nereid, norn, nuckelavee, pech, quickling, redcap, rusalka, spring-heeled jack, skin stealer, sprite, twigjack, and other destructive fey. A medium with Unseelie Court influence can call a fey whose Challenge Rating is less than or equal to her medium level with her séance ability even if the fey exceeds her Hit Dice limit.

Bonus Language: Sylvan.

Trance Covenants: frightful violence (1st), immortal resilience (5th; cold iron), gift of glory III (9th; Dexterity and Charisma), phantasmal hunt (13th), stormcaller (17th).

Trance Spell-like Abilities: haunted fey aspect (1st), memory lapse (2nd), disfiguring touch (4th), nixie's lure (6th), hallucinatory terrain (8th), shadow evocation (10th), antilife shell (12th), waves of exhaustion (14th), whirlwind (16th), wail of the banshee (18th).

Fundamental Influence: At 20th level, the medium becomes a fey creature. She is no longer affected by spells and effects that specifically work on humanoids. She gains damage reduction 5/cold iron which stacks with any other damage reduction penetrated by cold iron. While in a trance, she emanates an aura of decay that causes any other creature that suffers hit point damage within 20 feet to additionally suffer 5 points of bleed.

Recommended Spirit Boons: The following spirit boons complement the unseelie court influence: eerie spell-like ability, frightful presence, hand of the spirit guide, psychic assault, soul-touching spell-like ability, spell resistance, steal thought, terrifying gaze, transcendent voice.