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Transformative Influence

Some mediums awaken into their powers after a delirious fever dream or perception-shattering hallucination revealed to them how fragile and changeable physical shapes can be. The transformative influence connects these medium to spirits that represent creative reinterpretations of reality and freedom from conventional limitations. These spirits include the animal lords, azata (bralani and ghaele varieties), barghest, div (pairaka), ghul, kelpie, oni (all varieties), protean (all varieties), rakshasa (all varieties), and totenmaske. A medium with transformative influence can call a creature with the shapechanger subtype whose Challenge Rating is less than or equal to her medium level with her séance ability even if the creature exceeds her Hit Dice limit.

Bonus Language: Choose any one language (other than secret languages) as your bonus language.

Trance Covenants: gift of glory I (1st; Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution), inviolable volition (5th), superhuman perfection I (9th), superhuman perfection II (13th), false friend (17th).

Trance Spell-like Abilities: ghost sound (1st), disguise self (2nd), alter self (4th), dimension door (6th), confusion (8th), polymorph (10th), disintegrate (12th), greater polymorph (14th), polymorph any object (16th), shapechange (18th).

Fundamental Influence: At 20th level, the medium becomes a spirit of transformation. She gains the shapechanger subtype and can change shape as if with greater polymorph at will as a supernatural ability.

Recommended Spirit Boons: The following spirit boons complement the transformative influence: dreamspinner, persistent spell-like ability, prolonged spell-like ability, spell resistance, two minds.