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Stormbound Influence

Some mediums awaken into their powers after a desperate winter left them starved and delirious enough for their perceptions to mingle the material world with the reality of cold and aerial spirits. The stormbound influence connects these mediums to spirits that represent stark suffering and curious restlessness. These spirits include the belker, cold rider, elemental (of the air, ice, and lightning varieties), djinni (genie), invisible stalker, mephit (of the cold, dust, and ice varieties), mihstu, ice yai (oni), wendigo, winterwight, and yuki-onna. A medium with stormbound influence can call a creature with the air or cold subtype whose Challenge Rating is less than or equal to her medium level with her séance ability even if the creature exceeds her Hit Dice limit.

Bonus Language: Auran.

Trance Covenants: elemental weapon (1st; cold), elemental blessing (5th; cold or electricity), elemental agility (9th; air), element incarnate (13th; air), stormcaller (17th).

Trance Spell-like Abilities: ray of frost (1st), obscuring mist (2nd), gust of wind (4th), gaseous form (6th), ice storm (8th), control winds (10th), sirocco (12th; deals cold damage instead of fire damage), scouring winds (14th), whirlwind (16th), winds of vengeance (18th).

Fundamental Influence: At 20th level, the medium becomes a storm spirit. She gains the air subtype and a fly speed of 60 feet with perfect maneuverability. She no longer needs to eat and is immune to the effects of cold and wind.

Recommended Spirit Boons: The following spirit boons complement the stormborn influence: far-reaching spell-like ability.