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Heavenly Hosts Influence

Individuals that spend long hours in patient meditation occasionally experience a sudden awakening to the wider cosmos in a way that loosens the bonds of mortal perception, allowing them to see as spirits do. The natives of Heaven, primarily the archons, are spirits that embody universal ideals of law, good, truth, and justice. This influence includes all archons and angels. A medium with heavenly hosts influence can call a lawful good outsider whose Challenge Rating is less than or equal to her medium level with her séance ability even if the creature exceeds her Hit Dice limit.

Bonus Language: Celestial.

Trance Covenants: heavenly blade (1st), archon's ward I (5th), armed with justice (9th), imbue armor IV (13th), possessed weapon III (17th).

Trance Spell-like Abilities: message (1st), challenge evil (2nd), aid (4th), archon's aura (6th), divine power (8th), greater teleport (self plus 50 lb. only) (10th), cleanse (12th), holy word (14th), holy aura (16th), mass heal (18th).

Fundamental Influence: At 20th level, the medium becomes blessed of the archons. She gains the outsider type and the native subtype. She also gains an aura of menace as an archon. While in a trance, she gains the good and lawful subtypes and any attack she makes counts as good-aligned and lawful-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Recommended Spirit Boons: The following spirit boons complement the heavenly hosts influence: embrace the soul, resurrect the fallen, stigmata, transcendent voice, two minds.