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Diabolical Influence

A diabolical influence most commonly manifests to a youth so obsessed with some project or scheme that she cannot spare time even to sleep for nights on end. If she is destined to be a medium with diabolical influence, she finds visions of horrible yet alluring fiends dancing across her vision, tempting her to set aside any morality that may be holding back her progress. These mediums often develop a rapport with the natives of Hell, whose numbers include devils (accuser devils, barbed devils, bearded devils, belier devils, bone devils, contract devils, erinyes, handmaiden devils, horned devils, ice devils, immolation devils, imps, pit fiends), hellcats, and sometimes asuras and kytons. A medium with diabolical influence can call a creature with both the evil and lawful subtypes whose Challenge Rating is less than or equal to her medium level with her séance ability even if the creature exceeds her Hit Dice limit.

Bonus Language: Infernal.

Trance Covenants: diabolical assistant (1st), immortal resilience (5th; silver), mind-snaring gaze (9th), phantasmal hunt (13th), plunge into the pit (17th).

Trance Spell-like Abilities: read magic (1st), vanish (2nd), burning gaze (4th), vision of hell (6th), see in darkness (8th), persistent image (10th), contagious flame (12th), greater teleport (14th), power word stun (16th), meteor swarm (18th).

Fundamental Influence: At 20th level, the medium becomes a devil herself. She becomes an outsider with the native subtype, and is no longer affected by spells and abilities that specifically target humanoids. In addition, she gains the ability to, three times per day, cast any of her spell-like abilities of 5th level or lower as a swift action (as Quicken Spell). While in a trance, she gains the evil and lawful subtypes, any attacks she makes count as evil- and lawful-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction, and her fast healing is replaced by regeneration overcome by good-aligned and silver attacks.

Recommended Spirit Boons: The following spirit boons complement the diabolical influence: frightful presence, spell resistance, spirit spies, sublime imposition, telepathy, two minds, wisdom of the spirits.