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Medium Influences

A medium's influence represents a faction, category, or group of spirits that at first influence and are later influenced by the medium. Each influence imparts a medium with the knowledge of a certain language, listed in the entry for that covenant. In addition, an influence grants the medium a least covenant at 1st level, a minor covenant at 5th level, a major covenant at 9th level, a greater covenant at 13th level, and a superior covenant at 17th level. These covenants are only available during her trance unless she forms a permanent version of that covenant with an appropriate spirit patron. In addition to the covenants she gains during a trance, the medium gains a spell-like ability of spell level 0 at 1st class level, and another spell-like ability at every even class level thereafter, each of the next higher spell level (1st spell level at 2nd class level, 2nd spell level at 4th class level, and so on). They are similarly available only during a trance. Finally, at 20th class level, the medium gains a fundamental influence, which is a powerful class ability representing the full realization of her power as a medium.