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Experts on the intricacies of magical item creation, arcanamechanists are machinesmiths that scour the world in search of lost magical secrets. Their close study of magical items has given them a greater ability to make use of wands, scrolls, and other such magical accoutrements commonly associated with arcane and divine spellcasters.

The arcanamechanist is an archetype of the machinesmith class.


The arcanamechanist must choose the analyzer as his greatwork.

Ancient Technomancy

At 1st level the arcanamechanist may learn metamagic feats that may be applied to his prototypes as if he had a caster level equal to his machinesmith level and as if his prototypes were spells.

This ability replaces repair.

Item Expertise (Ex)

At 2nd level the arcanamechanist gains a bonus on Spellcraft and Use Magic Device checks equal to ½ his arcanamechanist level (minimum 1). In addition the arcanamechanist can use his analyzer to cast read magic as an at will ability.

This ability replaces trapfinding.

Mobius Channeling (Su)

Beginning at 2nd level an arcanamechanist can channel mobius energy from his own magical aura through a scroll or a wand, lending it his own power. As a free action he may channel mobius energy while using a wand or scroll to increase its caster level to his arcanamechanist level. An arcanamechanist can do this a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Intelligence modifier.

This ability replaces his 2nd level machinesmith trick.

Forgotten Technomancy (Su)

Beginning at 6th level an arcanamechanist can expend extra charges from a wand to use metamagic feats he knows on the spell as a swift action. Each time he does so he must expend a number of charges from the wand equal to the amount of levels the spell would be raised in addition to the charges required to activate it. The arcanamechanist cannot spend more than 9 total charges from the wand in this way.

This ability replaces the 6th level machinesmith trick.

Lost Technomancy (Su)

Beginning at 14th level an arcanamechanist can expend uses of his mobius channeling ability to add metamagic feats he knows while using a scroll as a swift action. Each time he does so he must use a number of channels equal to the amount of levels the spell would be raised. The arcanamechanist can only spend a number of uses equal to or less than half his arcanamechanist level in this way.

This ability replaces the 14th level machinesmith trick.

Primal Technomancy (Su)

Beginning at 20th level an arcanamechanist can choose to use a scroll without consuming it or a wand without expending a charge. Whenever he uses the Use Magic Device skill to activate a scroll or a wand he may add an additional +10 to the DC. If he fails this check the charge or scroll is expended as if he failed to activate the item. If he succeeds the scroll or wand is used but is not expended.

This ability replaces Master Upgrade.