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"All power comes from somewhere, but if you want the highest voltage, you tap the Source."

Not everyone invokes the arcane with a word and a gentle shove. Some casters take a more direct approach, calling bolts of raw arcane force from the aether and wrangling them into useful snares, contraptions, fortifications and even servants - and what they lack in finesse they make up for in staying power. They serve in every capacity from arcane architect to war wizard; all that they have in common is the source. It is not entirely certain where magic ultimately comes from, and even the greatest minds in the colleges and universities of the arcane can do little more than postulate, but most agree that wherever the ultimate Source is, the ur-conductor draws his power as close as it gets.

Hit Die: d6

Starting Wealth: 2d6 x 10 (average 70 gp.) In addition, each character begins play with an outfit worth 10 gp or less.

Class Skills

The bard's class skills are Appraise (Int), Disable Device (Dex), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (engineering) (Int), Spellcraft (Int), and Use Magic Device (Cha).

Skill Ranks Per Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Table: Ur-conductor
Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special
1st +0 +0 +1 +2 Ur-conduction, powerline, beacons
2nd +1 +0 +0 +3 Powerline +1
3rd +1 +1 +1 +3 L2 beacons, P+1
4th +2 +1 +1 +4 Close-quarters conduction, P+1
5th +2 +1 +1 +4 L3 beacons, P+1
6th +3 +2 +2 +5 Powerline +1
7th +3 +2 +2 +5 L4 beacons, obelisk arts, P+1
8th +4 +2 +2 +6 Throw Anything, P+1
9th +4 +3 +3 +6 L5 beacons, powerline +1
10th +5 +3 +3 +7 Grand circuitry, P+1
11th +5 +3 +3 +7 L6 beacons, powerline +1
12th +6/+1 +4 +4 +8 Powerline +1
13th +6/+1 +4 +4 +8 L7 beacons, P+1
14th +7/+2 +4 +4 +9 Leyline fortress, P+1
15th +7/+2 +5 +5 +9 L8 beacons, one with the circuit, P+1
16th +8/+3 +5 +5 +10 Powerline +1
17th +8/+3 +5 +5 +10 L9 beacons, P+1
18th +9/+4 +6 +6 +11 Grandstellar aerie, P+1
19th +9/+4 +6 +6 +11 Powerline +1
20th +10/+5 +6 +6 +12 Straight from the source, P+1

Class Features

The following are class features of the ur-conductor.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

Ur-conductors gain light armor proficiency, and can cast in light armor ONLY with no arcane spell failure chance. Ur-conductors are proficient with all simple weapons.

Ur-conduction (Su)

An ur-conductor uses a set of stones called "circuit stones” in order to channel magical energy. An ur-conductor cannot conduct energy without them - such is the nature of their craft - but by using them she can tap the most primal forces of magic to do her bidding.

A circuit stone is a round, smooth stone etched with arcane equations most elaborate and can be thrown, as if they were improvised weapons. They may also be tied to weapons that are thrown, though this results in a -2 penalty to the attack roll. (Note: They may NOT be attached to conventional ammunition for a crossbow/firearm as this would make it too heavy to be fired.) If an enemy has a weapon stuck inside them with a circuit stone attached, they can be targeted with any effect that can target a circuit stone, and it will effect them. If the weapon misses, it falls where it lies, and so does the circuit stone. An ur-conductor holding a circuit stone can choose whether or not to be affected by her own ur-conduction when targeting that circuit stone. Because of the complexity of circuit stones, ur-conductors are advised not to carry more than seven on their person; in close proximity, they interfere with each other, resulting in short-circuits until there are only seven functional stones. If a stone is lost or destroyed, an ur-conductor can produce another in about 1 hour with materials costing about 100 GP.

An ur-conductor can always withdraw a circuit stone from her person as a swift action.

Powerline (Su)

The simplest type of ur-conduction is the powerline, which takes the form of a bolt of energy between two circuit stones. This is considered a ranged touch attack against any creatures in a line between the two Stones, and it deals 1d4 + Int points of energy damage/caster level. Producing a powerline is a standard action. Powerlines are treated as “arcane spells,” but have no chance of failure as a result of light armor.

(Author's Note: The best way to determine this is to draw a straight line between the stones on a grid or playmat. All of the squares that the line passes through are targets of the powerline.)

An ur-conductor may produce a powerline a number of times per day equal to 2 + her Intelligence modifier. She gains an additional 1 use of powerline each level.

At 1st Level, an ur-conductor can channel 1d4 + Int points of raw cold, fire, or electricity damage through a powerline. At 4th level, she can choose 1d4 points + Int acid or sonic instead. At 7th level, she can choose 1d3 (no Int) points of Positive (if she is Good or Neutral) or Negative (if she is Evil or Neutral) instead. An ur-conductor can also learn to conduct in more complicated ways, and send her power further. At 2nd level, an ur-conductor can use one additional circuit stone in her powerline; at 6th, 9th, 12th, 16th, and 19th you gain yet another.

A circuit can never be reversed while in progress, so you can never conduct energy between the same two Stones twice in a round. If a stone has already had energy conducted through it in that round, and it is the target of another powerline, the circuit is completed, and the powerline ends. All energy in a single powerline must always be of the same type, unless otherwise noted, and expends uses of powerline equal to the number of lines drawn between all circuit stones.

Beacons (Su)

Raw arcane power is a solution to many problems, but others require more subtlety. When a powerline passes through a circuit stone, it can be temporarily converted into a beacon. A beacon is still a circuit stone unless otherwise stated, but it takes on other magical properties that are more versatile than a mere bolt of electricity or snap of freezing cold. A circuit stone cannot be more than one beacon at a time. You can activate a circuit stone as a different beacon, but the effect of the first beacon immediately ends, as do any effects that depend on it.

A beacon is treated as an arcane spell; any armor that the caster is wearing (except light armor) grants a chance for the beacon to fizzle. beacons, like spells, function in levels 1 through 9 (there are no 0-Level beacons as ur-conductors have finite energy access). If a beacon fizzles, it simply is not formed. A metamagic feat can be applied to a beacon. Rather than increasing the spell's level, the beacon consumes 2 uses of powerline for each level higher spell slot that the metamagic feat would require. For instance, Empower Spell increases a spell's level by 2. Casting an Empowered beacon would therefore use 1 (beacon) 2 + 2 (metamagic) uses of powerline, consuming 5 total uses. An ur-conductor begins play with knowledge of how to create 3 1st level beacons, and may learn 2 additional beacons each time she gains a level. An ur-conductor gains access to Level 1 beacons at 1st level, Level 2 beacons at 3rd level, Level 3 beacons at 5th level, Level 4 beacons at 7th level, and so on.

Level 1 Beacons:

Piston Engine: This beacon anchors to the ground, and generates magical force that can push an object or creature. Once as a free action, during the duration of this spell, make a bull rush maneuver against any object or creature adjacent to this beacon. Your CMB for this bull rush is equal to your Intelligence + your caster level. Lasts 1 minute/level; ends immediately upon triggering bull rush effect.

Lantern of Enlightenment: Allies within 20 feet of this beacon get +2 on all Knowledge checks. Lasts 1d4 minutes/level.

Magic Detector: Any character within 20 feet of this beacon gains the ability to detect magic at will. Lasts 1d4 minutes/level.

Blacklight: Invisible objects within 30 feet of the beacon become visible, as see invisibility.

Level 2 Beacons:

Alarm Bell: Gives the surrounding area the effect of the alarm wizard spell.

Floating Disk: Circuit stone becomes a floating disk, as the spell.

Answering Machine: Beacon imbues some object or creatures nearby with the effect of magic mouth. You may choose to have the circuit stone disintegrate after the effect is triggered.

Cloaking Device: Convert the circuit stone into a cloaking device. A cloaking device can be moved. Whoever holds a cloaking device is rendered invisible, as the invisibility spell. The cloaking device reverts to a regular circuit stone after 1 min/level, or if the Invisibility spell is ended by the player's actions.

Circuitous Weapon: Converts the beacon into a magical weapon of any type and size. It gains a +1 enhancement bonus for every four levels the caster has but is otherwise a typical weapon of its type. In addition, it is still a circuit stone, and any powerline that is channeled through the weapon does not harm its wielder.

Level 3 Beacons:

Transformer: For any powerline passing through this beacon, the damage is increased by one step. (1d3 > 1d4 > 1d6 > 1d8) or (1d4 > 1d6 > 1d8 > 1d10). This does not take effect during the round the beacon is created. Lasts 1 round/level.

Auto-Turret: A pillar of iron grows out of the circuit stone. If a crossbow or firearm and any amount of ammunition is placed on top of it, it will fire at the ur-conductor's enemies within range until it runs out of ammunition, as if it were being loaded and fired by a hand with a Dexterity modifier equal to the ur-conductor's Intelligence modifier and a base attack bonus equal to a ranger of the ur-conductor's level. Lasts 1 minute/2 levels.

Explosive Circuit: Detonate a circuit stone. All adjacent targets take 1d4 force damage/level and 1d4 bludgeoning damage/level, no save. This destroys the circuit stone. The ur-conductor is not immune to this damage.

Pillar of Focus: Converts the circuit stone into a pillar of focus. An allied divine or arcane spellcaster adjacent to this beacon with at least one free hand can cast all their spells as if they were 1 level higher than normal, but they do not occupy higher-level spell slots. The Pillar of Focus cannot be moved. This effect does not stack. Lasts 1 round/level.

Lasting Obelisk: Converts the circuit stone into a small obelisk, used for continuous conduction of energy. Lasts 1 day/level or until the Obelisk is destroyed (in which case the circuit stone is destroyed), forcibly removed from its location, or the duration expires (in which case the Obelisk becomes a circuit stone again). You cannot convert a Stone you are carrying into an Obelisk; the Obelisk must remain firmly planted in the ground.

Level 4 Beacons:

Medical Station: This beacon radiates healing energy. Any character adjacent to this beacon can take a move action or a standard action to briefly bask in its glow and be healed for 1d8 points of damage. Lasts for 1 round/level.

Mobile Node: The circuit stone gains small wings, propellers or some other means of flight, granting it a fly speed of 30 with perfect mobility. It has hit points equal to . your hit points, no Constitution or Intelligence, 10 in all other Ability Scores, and an Armor Class of 14. It can strike an opponent for 1d4+0 damage. It becomes an ordinary circuit stone when the spell ends. Lasts 1 round/level.

Dragonhead Engine: Creates a Medium dragon statue, modeled in the form and coloration of any of the chromatic or metallic dragons, with the circuit stone targeted in its mouth. The statue provides cover to Medium or smaller creatures. Once as a standard action, during the spell's duration, the ur-conductor can project a breath weapon ability from the statue as if it were a young dragon of the selected color. At 7th Level, this weapon is treated as any breath weapon of a juvenile dragon of the same color as the statue. At 11th level it is a young dragon, at 14th a young adult, at 17th an adult dragon and at 20th a mature adult. Lasts 1 minute/level.

Malicious Magnetism: Converts a circuit stone into a magnet post. A magnet post attracts metal within its range and cannot move. The ur-conductor makes a single Combat Maneuver check for everything in range of the post, substituting Intelligence for Strength. If it beats a creature's CMD to being disarmed, and that creature is wielding a metal weapon, the weapon flies from the user's hand and is stuck to the magnet post until the effect ends. If it beats a creature's CMD to being grappled, that creature is pulled 5 feet toward the magnet post, plus another 5 feet for every 10 that the check failed by. In order to move out of range of the effect, a character which has been pulled by the magnet post must roll to “break” its grapple. If the creature is adjacent to the post and would be pulled another 5 feet, they are stuck to the post, cannot break the grapple, and are considered helpless until the effect ends or until they remove the metal armor. The range of this effect is 5 feet, plus 5 additional feet/5 levels. Lasts 1 round/2 levels.

Teleporter: This beacon, attuned to a unique magical frequency, allows for a character touching it, and all equipment they are carrying (provided they are not over-encumbered) to be transported to another teleporter beacon made by the same ur-conductor. This beacon can also transport the user to a different ur-conductor's beacon, but only if they have spoken to the other ur-conductor about their intentions before they prepared the beacon. Lasts 1 round/level. The caster may also limit this beacon to being used only by a certain number of characters; if this is the case, the last character takes the circuit stone with them when they teleport.

Level 5 Beacons:

Arcane Blender: Animates fragments of glass or scouring sand into a whirlwind centered on the circuit stone. Choose slashing or piercing when this beacon is activated. During the first round, all adjacent creatures take 1d8/caster level of this damage type. During the second round, all creatures within 15 feet of the beacon take 1d4/caster level of this damage type. During the third round, all creatures within 25 feet receive 1d10 points of damage regardless of the caster's level. Reflex save allowed for half damage. Lasts 3 rounds.

Elemental Beacon: You summon an Elemental. The type of elemental must be one of the same energy type as the powerline you channeled through this beacon. The beacon is centered in that elemental's body. At Caster Level 5 this elemental is Large, at caster level 6 it is Huge and at caster level 7 the elemental is greater. Lasts 1 round/2 levels.

Arcane Prism: When a powerline is cast through this beacon, you may target up to seven creatures or objects within 30 feet of the beacon. These characters are struck as if by the powerline ability, but it does not consume any additional uses of powerline, each character must be struck with a different type of energy, and any damage/healing is halved.

Font of Inner-spell: A creature adjacent to this beacon may spend a standard action to replenish a single spell-like ability they have that can be used once per day. A spell-like ability cannot be replenished by this ability more than once per day. Lasts 1 round.

Wall of Jaws: A brutal technique which converts 2 circuit stones into “teeth” rooted to the ground - actually razor-sharp blades 5 feet high. Blades of a similar nature are then extended from the ground in a line between them. Make a touch attack roll against all creatures in this line for 2d10 + Intelligence damage. You may also make free grapple attempts against any creature struck by the blades, substituting your Intelligence modifier for your Strength modifier. Any grappled creatures are impaled on the blades. Freeing oneself with a Strength check (DC 15) causes you to take another 2d10 damage. Grappled creatures are released when the spell ends. Moving through the blades requires a DC 15 Acrobatics check; failure inflicts 1d10 damage. Lasts 1 round/3 levels.

Level 6 Beacons:

Leyline Corridor: Converts 2 circuit stones into posts that open a doorway stretched between them; the other end of the portal leads to a destination specified by the ur-conductor. They must have a firm grasp of the area either from a detailed description of prior experience. The exit is always on solid ground. The doorway does not appear to exist from the opposite side, and will allow any number of creatures to pass through it for the duration of the door. The corridor is the same width as the doorway, its height is 15 feet and its length is equal to 1/100th the distance between the two points on the Material Plane. A creature cannot be forced into the corridor, though they can be deceived; they must enter of their own free will. The corridor remains open for as long as the ur-conductor remains in it; it collapses after 1 minute if the ur-conductor is not in it, trapping all remaining creatures in the corridor. Creatures do not age in the corridor and do not need to eat or breathe, but the sheer boredom of being stuck in an endless corridor is unhealthy for the mind. Interplanetary and interplanar travel is not possible in this way.

(Optional: There is a 5% chance that a leyline corridor runs through another ur-conductor's abandoned corridor, and that there may be other beings present, trapped inside. If so, there is a 50% chance that these are creatures who wandered in by mistake; in this case, use Random Encounter Tables. There is another 50% chance that these are trapped NPCs, in which case the GM should provide some account of how they got there.).

Witch-Stoning Convergence: Declare a target; all circuit stones touched by the powerline that activates this beacon fly directly towards the target. Each is a ranged attack, substituting Intelligence for Dexterity, and deals 1d4 + Intelligence damage. For each stone that strikes the target, the target must make a Will Save of DC 20 + spell level or lose their highest-level spell slot. Afterward, all Stones which struck the target occupy the nearest square of the target; all Stones which missed the target can continue to travel up to 25 feet, but must have traveled in a straight line from their original location to the target. No duration (effect is immediate).

Harvester Engine: A creature (other than the ur-conductor) that ends their turn within 20 feet of this beacon must make a DC 25 + spell level Fortitude save or gain 1 negative level. The ur-conductor gains 1d6 temporary hit points for one hour for each negative level gained in this way. In addition, any spells or effects within 20 feet which enhance plants are dispelled. Lasts 1 round/2 levels.

Antimagic Beacon: Creates an antimagic field centered around the beacon which lasts for 1 minute/level.

Glider Stone: The circuit stone grows huge, strong wings or a powerful, whirling propeller and a handle to hold onto, capable of lifting a Medium creature and their equipment. A creature may fly by holding onto this handle and simply thinking of which direction she wants the wings to carry her. A Large creature can successfully fly by holding two of these stones. While flying in this way, the stones have a fly speed of 60 feet with average maneuverability. Lasts 1 min/2 levels.

Level 7 Beacons:

Metaconverter: Converts the circuit stone into a metaconverter. When creating a metaconverter, choose a metamagic feat. An allied arcane or divine caster next to a metaconverter gains the use of that Feat for as long as they remain adjacent to the converter. The metaconverter cannot be moved. Lasts 1 round/level.

Set the Chessboard: You may not activate any other beacons in this turn. Up to seven circuit stones and/or beacons on the field, or in the ur-conductor's possession, rearrange themselves to any position in a 100 ft radius.

Mage's Marvelous Microphone: Converts the circuit stone into a rod which causes the holder's voice to be lovely and persuasive, or at the holder's whim, fierce and terrifying. The rod can be of any shape or size. The holder of this rod gains +10 on Diplomacy, Bluff and Intimidate checks. In addition, the rod can be used as a weapon. Treat it as a +1 quarterstaff which also deals 1d6 sonic damage on a successful strike. Lasts 1 round/level.

Counter-weight: Converts the circuit stone into a stone which, if thrown at a target, sticks to the body of any creature that is not the ur-conductor. Each round, the stone grows heavier, increasing the creature's encumbrance by one category. If the creature is already over-encumbered, the stone deals 1d10 nonlethal damage to the creature instead. If held in the hand, the hand grips the stone tightly, is pulled straight down by the weight, and can be used for nothing else. The target can make a Strength check of DC 25 + the caster's level to dislodge the stone, which can then be thrown at another target.

Banner of Battletrance: Converts the circuit stone into a banner which joins the thoughts of all allies within 30 feet of the banner. The ur-conductor selects one teamwork feat that any player in the party knows. For the duration of the spell, all allies affected by banner of battletrance gain the use of that feat. The banner can also be used as a +1 quarterstaff, though it is made of metal, not wood.

Level 8 Beacons:

Lightning Rod: This beacon draws any spells or energy bursts that manifest as cones, lines, or ranged touch attacks towards it, and it is permanently planted in the ground. Anyone casting such a spell within 30 feet of the rod must make a Will save of DC 25 + caster level or cast the spell so that it hits the lightning rod, which is indestructible. Only one lightning rod may be manifested at a time. This beacon dissipates after 1/round per level; each spell that hits the lightning rod reduces the duration by 2 rounds.

Scourge of Goliath: Converts the circuit stone into a sling bullet. If this stone is used in a sling, it has a +5 bonus to hit, a threat range of 16-20, and is a vorpal weapon (even though it does not deal slashing damage). Lasts for 1 minute.

Spatial Rotation: You bend and warp space to your will. Draw a line from this beacon to target creature within 50 feet. You may rotate that creature around the beacon 90, 180 or 270 degrees. This does not provoke attacks of opportunity. If the target hits a wall in the process of being rotated, they take 2d8 damage.

Biosphere: Circuit stone becomes a small orb which projects a 20-foot-wide pocket of clean, breathable air and regulates temperature to be comfortable to the average human. This pocket functions anywhere, including underwater, in the void of space, in toxic gases or against molten lava.

Warding Ribbon: Choose from any of the following combinations: sickened/nauseated, shaken/frightened/panicked/cowering, poisoned, charmed/dominated, petrified, dazzled/blinded, deafened/confused, death/energy drained, staggered/stunned, dazed/fatigued. The circuit stone is turned into a seal, rune, or other piece of jewelry which can be attached to a character or their armor. That character is immune to the selected condition. Lasts 10 minutes/level.

Level 9 Beacons:

Perfect Leyline Corridor: This functions as leyline corridor, except that regardless of the normal distance between the points, the distance of the corridor is half a mile. In addition, the corridor can lead to any plane or any planet that the ur-conductor has heard of or read about. Furthermore, no creature can enter a perfect leyline corridor without the express permission of the ur-conductor.

Armageddon Machine: You create an anchored beacon which attracts a meteor in ten rounds. If multiple armageddon machines are used by the same ur-conductor at one time, they do not summon additional meteors, but merely decrease the time in which it takes for the meteor to arrive by one round per beacon. The turn before the meteor arrives, all targets who are able to see the sky are affected as if by the spell fear. On the turn the meteor arrives, if the beacon is inside a building, that building is affected as if by the spell earthquake. Finally, all targets within 100 feet of the selected beacon take 20d6 bludgeoning damage (DC 15 for half.) All armageddon machine beacons expire immediately when the meteor arrives.

Flawless Targeting System: The circuit stone is transformed into a pair of spectacles or some other eye wear. While worn by a character, that character's melee and projectile attacks ignore damage reduction and concealment, and they are under the effect of true seeing. Lasts 1 round/caster level.

Lucky Card: Transforms the circuit stone into an ornate playing card. A character who holds this card in her hand always takes the minimum damage from any attack. Lasts 1 round/caster level.

Powerhouse Gloves: This beacon turns into an ornate gauntlet. Whenever the wearer strikes an opponent with the gauntlet, the ur-conductor can attack that target as though with a powerline, even if it is not currently the ur-conductor's turn. Furthermore, the target is subjected to a bull rush by the ur-conductor, substituting the urconductor's Intelligence for their Strength. Lasts 1 round/level.

Close-Quarters Conduction (Su)

While holding a circuit stone in two hands, an ur-conductor can strike her foes with the residual energy of her stones at close range. This does not expend any uses of powerline. Treat as a normal melee attack which deals 1d4 + Intelligence damage. The type of energy channeled is the last type of energy channeled by the ur-conductor's powerline. (Note: If the last type of energy channeled was Positive or Negative Energy, the attack simply fails and deals no damage or healing.)

Obelisk Arts (Su)

At 7th Level, the ur-conductor learns to utilize obelisks in her spellcraft. When a powerline is conducted between two obelisks, the energy is not conducted in a potent burst but rather in a steady current, and persists, akin to an electric fence, until another powerline is conducted through that circuit stone or until the ur-conductor manually de-activates them with a touch. The urconductor can channel five types of energy between the obelisks, and any creature that passes through them receives the effect:

Fire: 1d12 fire damage

Cold: 1d10 cold damage, Save DC 15 + CL or take 1 point Dexterity damage

Electricity: 1d10 electrical damage, Save DC 15 + CL or be stunned for 1 round

Acid: 1d10 acid damage, Save DC 15 + CL or be sickened 1d4 rounds

Sonic: 1d10 sonic damage, Save DC 15 + CL or be deafened 1d4 rounds

Throw Anything (Ex)

At 8th Level, the ur-conductor has mastered the art of throwing as a means to prime the field for his most powerful casting. The ur-conductor gains the Throw Anything feat as a bonus feat.

Grand Circuitry (Su)

At 10th Level, the ur-conductor gains access to large-scale feats of magical engineering called grand circuitry. Grand circuitry effects are large in scale and require a specific placement of circuit stones. Using these stones in the process renders them temporarily unusable, but they still count towards her maximum limit of circuit stones, so the ur-conductor must be wary that this does not hamper her casting ability.

Hypertriangulation (10th Level): While three stones are arranged in triangular formation, and a character casts a spell only at targets within the triangular formation, you can trigger this effect as an immediate action by spending one use of powerline. That spell is considered to be Maximized, as if under the Maximize Spell Metamagic feat. This renders the stones used inert for one hour.

Leyline Fortress (14th Level): While four or more stones are arranged on a solid surface, you can spend four uses of powerline to elevate the perimeter of that powerline up to five feet/ur-conductor level and produce a leyline fortress. This process takes 1 hour. A leyline fortress is made of hewn stone walls (3 ft thick, 540 hp, 25 Climb DC) and has up between one and four entrances which can be iron doors or portcullises of between 5 to 20 feet in height and 5 to 20 feet in width, and between one and four staircases/ladders which travel to each floor. It can have a maximum of one floor for every 20 feet in height. The stones used are inert for as long as the fortress persists, and must be renewed every 24 hours with four uses of powerline. If the fortress is erected into an area that is too small to support it, the fortress disintegrates into harmless dust.

Grandstellar Aerie (18th Level): You master the secrets of creating and controlling skystone. You can channel a powerline through five stones arranged in a pentagonal pattern; the stones plant firmly in the ground, forming ornate guideposts, while a chunk of the ground no more than 75 feet in width or length lifts itself up into the air and binds itself to the caster's will. They are inert for as long as the aerie persists. The grandstellar aerie is a mobile floating island that can be controlled telepathically by the ur-conductor as a full-round action; it has a speed of 100 ft./round with perfect maneuverability. Anything can be built upon the grandstellar aerie, from housing and basic amenities to artillery and fortifications. The aerie itself is virtually indestructible by normal means or mortal magic, but this does not extend any protection to anything or anyone else on the aerie. The grandstellar aerie always slows down before it collides with a stationary object, taking two full rounds before impact. If the urconductor gives it no commands, it hovers exactly in place, potentially forever unless removed by outside force. The ur-conductor may dismantle the aerie and reclaim his circuit stones with a 1 hour ritual, which converts the aerie into a hill which merges with the surrounding area. All buildings and structures that occupied the aerie now occupy the hill.

One With The Circuit (Su)

At 15th Level, a number of times per day equal to your Intelligence modifier, if you would normally be a target of your own powerline, you may instead grab hold of the powerline and convert your body into pure energy. You may move to any square that is not occupied, and that your current powerline passes through, as part of your powerline ability, as a move action.

Straight From The Source (Su)

At 20th Level, as long as you remain between two circuit stones, you are never unconscious from being at negative hit points, but staggered instead. If you are already unconscious (but not dead) and you are moved to a position between two circuit stones, you are immediately awake and staggered again. While between two circuit stones, when you would receive damage from any source that would reduce your hit points below your current Constitution, you may spend 2 uses of your powerline special ability to negate that damage (you still take any additional effects from the attack). Constitution damage and death effects can still kill you.