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Noble Savage

The noble savage tempers her vicious nature with wisdom and a powerful presence.

A noble savage has the following class abilities:

Focused State

The bonuses granted from a noble savage's primal state are insight, not morale. In addition she receives a +2 insight bonus on Diplomacy checks. This modifies the primal state class ability.

Unleashed Presence (Ex)

A noble savage can draw upon her presence of spirit to overwhelm her enemies. Starting at 1st level, a noble savage can unleash her presence for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + her Charisma modifier. At each level after 1st, her presence lasts for 2 additional rounds. Temporary increases to Charisma, such as those gained from spells like eagle's splendor do not increase the total number of rounds that a noble save can unleash her presence per day. A noble savage can unleash her presence as a free action. The total number of rounds of per day is renewed after resting for 8 hours, although these hours do not need to be consecutive.

While her presence is unleashed, a noble savage gains a +2 morale bonus to Will saves and Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate and Sense Motive checks, and can call upon savage powers to aid her in combat.

Additionally, for every foe of a CR equal to or greater than the noble savage's level that the noble savage defeats while her presence is unleashed, she increases the morale bonus granted by her presence by +1, to a maximum morale bonus equal to 2 + her Charisma modifier.

The noble savage also gains a morale bonus on damage rolls equal to her current presence bonus. Defeating a foe can be in the form of reducing it to less than 0 hit points, rendering it unconscious through nonlethal damage, or rendering it unconscious in some other way. These increases to her morale bonus last until the noble savage ends her unleashed presence. A noble savage can end her unleashed presence as a free action. Feats that affect rage, such as Extra Rage, apply to unleashed presence, where possible. Unleashed presence also counts as rampage for the purposes of effects.

Tribal Lore

A noble savage must select Diplomacy and Bluff as her 2 selected skills. This modifies tribal lore.

Noble Pool

A noble savage uses her Charisma modifier in place of her Constitution modifier when determining her total feral pool. This modifies feral pool.

Power of Spirit (Ex)

At 4th level a noble savage can bolster their already impressive reserve. By expending one point from her noble pool as an immediate action, the noble savage gains a bonus on all saving throws equal to her Charisma modifier that lasts until the start of her next turn. At 7th level this effect lasts for a minute. This replaces staunch recovery and feral vigor.

Tribal Spokesperson (Sp)

At 17th level, by spending 3 points from her noble pool as a move action to gain the benefits of glibness with a caster level equal to her noble savage level -2. This grants her a +20 bonus on Bluff checks made to convince another of the truth of her words. She applies this bonus to Diplomacy checks.