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Travel Dogma

Granted Power: +10 movement speed.

Dogma Spells: 1stlongstrider; 2ndslipstream; 3rdfly; 4thdimension door; 5thteleport; 6thfind the path; 7thgreater teleport; 8thphase door; 9thastral projection

Exploration Subdogma

Associated Dogma(s): Travel

Replacement Dogma Spells: 1stexpeditious retreat; 2ndlocate object; 4thlocate creature; 9thworld wave

Trade Subdogma

Associated Dogma(s): Travel

Replacement Power: Add Appraise to your list of class skills. Add your Charisma bonus (minimum 1) to your Appraise checks.

Replacement Dogma Spells: 1stfloating disk; 2ndfairness; 3rd—discern value; 4thdimension door; 5thoverland flight; 9thgate