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Rune Dogma

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Granted Power: Spell components cost 10% less. Scrolls have +2 caster level when you use them, to a maximum equal to your caster level.

Dogma Spells: 1sterase; 2ndsecret page; 3rdglyph of warding; 4thexplosive runes; 5thmark of justice; 6thsymbol of sealing; 7thfirebrand; 8thsymbol of death; 9thsymbol of strife

Language Subdogma

Associated Dogma(s): Rune

Replacement Power: Learn to speak and read 2 bonus languages (or 1 secret language such as Druidic)

Replacement Dogma Spells: 1stcomprehend languages; 2ndshare language; 3rdtongues; 4thcommunal tongues; 5thtelepathic bond; 6th—true speak; 7thstone tell; 8thdiscern location; 9thteleportation circle

Wards Subdogma

Associated Dogma(s): Rune

Replacement Power: +1 caster level with spells whose duration is “permanent until discharged

Replacement Dogma Spells: 1starcane lock; 2ndfire trap; 4thdimensional anchor; 5thundeath ward; 6thguards and wards; 7thteleport trap