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Air Dogma

Granted Power: +1 caster level when casting spells with the air descriptor

Dogma Spells: 1stalter winds; 2ndwind wall; 3rdcall lightning; 4thriver of wind; 5thcontrol winds; 6thchain lightning; 7thscouring winds; 8thwhirlwind; 9thelemental swarm (air spell only).

Cloud Subdogma

Associated Dogma(s): Air

Replacement Power: +5-ft. radius of spells with cloud or fog in its name

Replacement Dogma Spells: 1stobscuring mist; 2ndfog cloud; 3rdstinking cloud; 4thsolid fog; 5thcloudkill; 6thgreater sand whirlwind; 8thincendiary cloud; 9thstorm of vengeance.

Wind Subdogma

Associated Dogma(s): Air

Replacement Dogma Spells: 3rdcloak of winds; 6thpath of the winds; 9thwinds of vengeance