Undivided Priest

Most priest follow the multifaceted aspects of their religion; however, some priests narrow their worship to one exclusive part of the whole.

Primary Dogma

An undivided priest has the same ability as a standard priest, except that she cannot select a subdogma for her primary dogma.

Focused Dogma

An undivided priest digs deeper into her primary dogma and gains spells and powers from its subdogmas. Starting at second level, she selects two powers from her primary dogma's subdogmas, or she may gain a +1 caster level when casting her dogma spells. In addition, she selects one spells of each spell level from her subdogmas to add to her list of spells known. Unlike secondary dogmas spells, these spells are gained as bonus spells whenever she gains spells of the same level normally.

For example, Jarrarah is a priest of Destroth. She selected the Darkness dogmas as her primary dogma. In addition to her primary granted power of “+1 caster level while in shadowy illumination or dimmer”, she has chosen to gain a +1 caster level every time she casts any spells from the Darkness dogma or any of its subdogmas. She adds sleep as a first dogma level spell from the night subdogma, protective penumbra as a second level spell from the moon subdogma, deep slumber as a third level spell from the night subdogma, enervation as a fourth level spell from the loss subdogma, and so forth.