For some, the dogmas of their deity are open to interpretation. Every parable and hymn has a multitude of lessons. A philosopher dares to view her dogmas in a different light than most in her faith.


A philosopher reflects on the deeper and more obscure meanings of her dogmas. She selects a dogma of her choice. She loses all the bonus spells of that dogma but retains its dogma power. Then she selects 9 spells from the sorcerer/wizard or cleric spell list to replace the dogma's bonus spells. She selects a 0 level spell to replace her 1st level dogma spell, a 1st level spell to replace her 2nd level dogma spell, and so forth until she selects an 8th level spell to replace her 9th level dogma spell. These spells are treated as one level higher than their true level for all purposes.

Like her original dogma spells, these replacement spells may be spontaneously cast.