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All artisans work the power of creation, but a creationist takes this one step further. Instead of focusing on crafting items and weapons, a creationist bends the universe itself to his will, mastering the ability to create substance out of nothing. The art of crafting items does not come as easily to a creationist as to other artisans, but power over creation itself is to many a worthwhile trade-off.

The creationist is an archetype of the artisan class.


Creation: The creationist gains the Minor Creation craftsman technique at 1st level.

This replaces the bonus creation feat gained at 1st level.

Creation Pool

Creation Pool: Starting at 2nd level, a creationist chooses 2 spells from the 1st level wizard/sorcerer spell list that belong to the creation subschool to form his creation pool. Once per day, a creationist may use one 1st level spell in his creation pool as a spell-like ability, using his artisan level as his caster level. He need not decide ahead of time which spell he will use that day. Every level, the creationist chooses 2 more spells from the creation subschool to add to his creation pool. For every 2 levels beyond 2nd the creationist reaches, he may select spells 1 level higher to add to his creation pool. Thus, he may select creation spells of 2nd level or below at level 4, 3rd level or below at level 6, to a maximum of 9th or below at 18th.

At 4th level, he gains use of one additional spell-like ability per day from his creation pool, this time of any spell of 2nd level or below. He gains use of another spell-like ability per day of 3rd level or below at 6th lev- el, another of 4th or below at 8th level, another of 5th or below at 10th level, another of 6th or below at 12th level, another of 7th or below at 14th level, another of 8th or below at 16th level, and another 9th or below at 18th level. These spell-like abilities are Charisma-based. The creationist must have a Charisma score equal to 10 plus a spell’s level before he may use it as a spell-like ability.

This replaces the bonus creation feats gained at 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th, 14th, and 17th level.

True Creation

True Creation: At 20th level, the creationist may create a demi-plane, as if using the greater create demi-plane spell with a caster level of 20. This demiplane comes with up to 3 features, and always has a duration of permanent. Note that Portal does not need to be a feature of the demiplane, but without another method of traveling between planes, it is often the only way to travel to and from the demi-plane without being forced to re-create it.

The creationist may re-create his demi-plane once per day. Doing so destroys the old demi-plane and ejects everyone in it. Whenever the creationist creates a demi-plane, he may automatically transport himself and up to 7 other creatures into the demi-plane by holding hands in a circle.

The creationist may add features or space to his demi-plane as usual by using a create demi-plane spell, but things created by these spells are not naturally permanent.

This replaces the bonus item creation feat gained at level 20.