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Technical Knowledge (Ex)

Prerequisite: Intelligence 10

Effect: The companion gains additional knowledge. The vanguard selects any three skills that are not already class skills for the companion: those skills become class skills for the companion. In addition, the companion gains 3 skill points per Hit Dice it has and an additional 3 skill points every time it gains a Hit Dice. This augmentation can be gained multiple times. Each time it is gained, the companion gains three new skills as class skills and gains three more skill points per Hit Dice.

Resonance: The companion shares its knowledge with nearby allies. All allies within 30 feet of the companion gain a +2 bonus on checks made with a particular skill. This bonus increases to +3 at 7th level, +4 at 13th level, and +5 at 19th level. The skill must be one that the companion is trained in. The resonance lasts for 10 minutes.