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Extradimensional Arsenal (Su)

Prerequisite: Level 4

Effect: The companion gains an extradimensional storage space within its body. This functions as a bag of holding type I. The companion can draw items from the space as a move action. It can allow others to reach into the space to retrieve an item, though doing so is a full-round action for the other creature. At 11th level, it is instead treated a bag of holding type II. If the companion is shut down or broken, the items within the arsenal are not destroyed but cannot be retrieved until the construct is functional again; if the companion is ever annihilated or replaced, items left in the arsenal are lost forever.

Resonance: The vanguard can retrieve or store any item within the extradimensional arsenal. By using this resonance, the vanguard can teleport a single item to or from the arsenal weighing no more than 10 lbs. per vanguard level, as if by means of a teleport object spell. An object teleported out of the arsenal appears in the vanguard’s hands or in the nearest open space (vanguard’s choice). The vanguard must have line of effect to his companion to use this resonance. The resonance ends once the item is teleported.