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Eldritch Might (Sp)

Prerequisite: Charisma 12, Eldritch Caster, Level 7

Effect: The companion gains the ability to cast more potent magic. Choose any one spell from the following list: acid arrow, chill metal, dust of twilight, flaming sphere, glitterdust, heat metal, make whole, molten orb, or scorching ray. The construct companion can cast this spell once per day. For every four vanguard levels past 7th, the construct can choose an additional spell to cast once each day. It can also choose a spell it already knows to gain an additional casting of that spell each day. The caster level for these spells is equal to the companion’s Hit Dice, and the save DC for these spells is equal to 12 + the companion’s Charisma modifier.

Resonance: The companion emits a field of power that strengthens magic spells nearby. The DC of any spells cast by allies within 30 feet of the companion increases by +1. This increases by an additional +1 at 15th level. The resonance lasts for only 1 round.