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Ablative Shielding (Su)

Prerequisite: Level 10

Effect: A magical barrier of force surrounds the construct companion, mitigating incoming damage. The barrier grants the construct companion temporary hit points equal to 3 times its total Hit Dice. As long as the barrier has at least 1 temporary hit point remaining, the barrier restores 5 temporary hit points each round, back up to the its normal maximum. If the barrier is ever reduced to 0 hit points, it breaks and does not regain hit points for 1 hour, after which it is restored to 1 hit point.

Resonance: The barrier supercharges and can affect multiple allies. The temporary hit points of the barrier are restored to double its normal maximum. The barrier protects nearby allies; if an attack would harm an ally within 30 feet of the companion, half of the damage is redirected to the construct’s barrier instead. The resonance lasts for either 1 minute or until the barrier runs out of hit points. This resonance cannot be used if the ablative shielding is already at 0 hit points. Once the resonance ends, any temporary hit points in the barrier over its normal maximum are lost.