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Total Sabotage (Sp)

Prerequisite: Master's Trick

Benefit: The saboteur can dismantle anything, even magical effects, with ease. Once per round when she successfully attacks an object or creature, she may target the object or creature struck with either a break or dispel magic effect, using her saboteur level as her caster level. In addition, once per day she may create a burst of magical energy that disrupts magic and objects around her. This functions as mage’s disjunction, using her saboteur level as her caster level. Any unattended mundane object within the spell’s area and any magic item that fails its Will save against the effect lose half their hit points and gain the broken condition (this effect happens once, when the ability is used). This does not affect any items in the saboteur’s possession, nor does it function on artifacts or similarly unique items. The DC of both the mage’s disjunction and the break effect use the saboteur’s trick DC, as opposed to their normal DC.