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Improved Shadow Bond (Ex)

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Prerequisite: Nightblade 6, Path of the Darkened Fortress

Benefit: The nightblade’s shadow bond gains additional power. The type of bonus depends on the form of her shadow bond.

If the nightblade has a familiar, she gains the Improved Familiar feat as a bonus feat. When the nightblade reaches 9th level, her familiar gains the benefit of her hide in plain sight class feature, but only as long as the familiar is within 5 feet of the nightblade.

If the nightblade has a bonded object, the nightblade adds her Charisma modifier to her CMD to resist attempts to sunder, disarm, steal, or otherwise attack her bonded object. She also adds her Charisma modifier to any saving throws the bonded object makes. In addition, the nightblade can use the hand holding her bonded object to perform gestures for the somatic components of her spells. At 9th level, her bonded object can be used to cast an additional spell that she knows each day, and enchanting her arcane bond using item creation feats costs 10% less gold than normal.