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Nightblade Arts

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As a nightblade gains experience, she learns a number of techniques and powers that enhance her combat skill and shadow magic. Starting at 3rd level, a nightblade gains one nightblade art. She gains an additional nightblade art for every three levels of nightblade attained after 3rd level. A nightblade cannot select a particular art more than once. If a nightblade art calls for a saving throw, the DC is equal to 10 + 1/2 the nightblade’s level + her Charisma modifier. A nightblade can choose from any of the following nightblade arts or from any of the arts listed for her chosen path.

Nightblade Arts
Nightblade Arts - Ascension Games, LLC
Nightblade Art Prerequisites Benefits Source
Beckoning Shadows (Su) Nightblade 15 Use shadow shift to forcibly teleport another creature. PS
Casting Art (Ex) Gain a metamagic feat as a bonus feat. PS
Combat Art (Ex) Gain a combat feat as a bonus feat. PS
Dark Resurgence (Su) Nightblade 6 Regain all of your shadow surges as free action once per day. PS
Disguising Veil (Sp) Use disguise self as a spell-like ability for 1 minute per nightblade level each day. PS
Dusk Strike (Su) Nightblade 9 Expend a shadow surge as a swift action to strike against target's touch AC. PS
Fall of Night (Su) Nightblade 15 Expend a shadow surge upon confirming a critical hit to blind, stagger, or exhaust. PS
Flexible Art (Ex) Nightblade 12 Gain a bonus feat. PS
Focused Cast (Su) Expend a shadow surge to take 10 on a concentration check. PS
Hidden Stride (Ex) Increased miss chance while in dim light, move at full speed while making Stealth checks without penalty. PS
Mystic Shade (Su) Expend a shadow surge to roll twice on a Use Magic Device check. PS
Penumbral Aegis (Ex) Nightblade 12 Add your Charisma modifier to your touch AC (minimum +0). PS
Shadow Cache (Sp) Nightblade 9 Create a cache on the Plane of Shadow to hold your belongings, as secret chest. PS
Shadow Form (Sp) Nightblade 9 Turn into a natural shadow, as shadow form, for 1 minute per two nightblade levels each day. PS
Shadow Motion (Su) Expend a shadow surge to roll twice on an Acrobatics, Climb, or Swim check. PS
Shadow Run (Sp) Nightblade 6 Expend a shadow surge to gain the benefits of feather step and resistance against attempts to bull rush, trip, or move you. PS
Shadow Transference (Su) Nightblade 9 Expend a shadow surge as standard action to change the target of an ongoing shadow or darkness spell. PS
Shifting Focus (Su) Nightblade 12 Gain additional distance each day to use shadow shift, can teleport other willing creatures. PS
Void Sight (Sp) Nightblade 15 Once per day, grant nearby allies the benefits of eyes of the void and see invisibility. PS
Warp Strike (Su) Expend a shadow surge as a swift action to extend the reach of melee attacks or reduce range penalties on range attacks. PS
Path of the Bloodied Chain
Nightblade Art Prerequisites Benefits Source
Bloodied Chains (Su) Nightblade 9 Creatures within the area of your umbral shackles take bleed damage each round. PS
Dread Sense (Su) Nightblade 12 Gain blindsight 60 feet, but only against creatures suffering from fear effects. PS
Shroud of Chains (Sp) Nightblade 15 Expend two daily uses of umbral chains to have them emerge from your space and move with you. PS
Terrorizing Glare (Su) Expend a shadow surge to roll twice on an Intimidation check. PS
Untold Horrors (Su) Creatures within the area of your umbral shackles are deafened as long as they suffer from a fear effect. PS
Path of the Darkened Fortress
Nightblade Art Prerequisites Benefits Source
Dark Enchantment (Su) Nightblade 9 Gain additional enchantment options for your shadow armament, can use shadow armament to enhance real weapons. PS
Improved Shadow Bond (Ex) Nightblade 6 Gain additional abilities for your shadow bond. PS
Piercing Armament (Su) Nightblade 15 Creatures that save against your shadow armament still take full damage for one round as if they failed the saving throw. PS
Shadow Equipment (Su) Create quasi-real equipment out of shadowstuff. PS
Versatile Armament (Su) Gain the ability to create two weapons at once or a ranged weapon with your shadow armament. PS
Path of the Eternal Night
Nightblade Art Prerequisites Benefits Source
Corrupting Feast (Su) Nightblade 15 Gain the benefits of vampiric shadow shield as long as your corruption is active. PS
Grasp of Death (Su) Nightblade 9 Creatures take damage even after leaving the area of your corruption. PS
Grave Walker (Su) Nightblade 12 Treat corpses, dying creatures, and undead as areas of dim light to teleport with your shadow shift ability. PS
Shadow of Death (Su) Gain a shadow surge when you successfully use your powered by death spell-like ability. PS
Vile Corruption (Su) Creatures that fail their saving throw against your corruption are sickened. PS
Path of the Ravaging Void
Nightblade Art Prerequisites Benefits Source
Destructive Shade (Su) Damaging spells deal +1 point of damage per die rolled. PS
Empowered Elements (Su) Nightblade 9 Elemental shade can alter the energy type of stronger spells and effects. PS
Encroaching Darkness (Su) Increase the range and size of your elemental shade. PS
Enter the Void (Su) Nightblade 15 Elemental shade has a dark void at its center, pulling creatures towards it and slowing them. PS
Exposing Void (Sp) Nightblade 12 Expend a shadow surge as a move action to make a creature vulnerable to a single energy type. PS
Path of the Twilight Veil
Nightblade Art Prerequisites Benefits Source
Controlled Distortion (Su) Nightblade 9 Reroll a single result each round when applying the effects of your distorting shadows. PS
Irresistible Shade (Su) Nightblade 15 Expend three daily uses of distorting shadows to have it affect creatures normally immune to its effects. PS
Shade Inoculation (Su) Designate a number of creatures up to your Charisma modifier as immune to your distorting shadows. PS
Shadow of Doubt (Su) Nightblade 6 Reduce creature's effective Hit Dice when determining the effects of your pattern spells and abilities. PS
Shrouded Casting (Su) Expend a shadow surge when casting a spell to hide your casting. PS