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Associated Study: Manipulation.

Replacement Abilities: The following study abilities replace the celerity and astral lock abilities of the manipulation archivist study.

Light as a Feather (Sp and Ex)

At 2nd level, you constantly have the effects of a slow fall script and can cast it at-will, using your archivist level as your caster level. This does not generate runic charge. Your manipulation fundamentals are always overloaded with the maximum number of manipulation runic charges based on your level, and you take no movement speed penalty for being under a medium or heavy load.

Gravity Master (Su)

At 14th level, you can traverse surfaces of any incline, including walls and ceilings, as easily as walking on the ground. You move at your normal speed when doing so and have no penalties normally associated with climbing. You are immune to any effects that change gravity, such as reverse gravity, gravity well, or different gravity properties on any plane of existence, unless you choose to let them effect you.