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Manipulation Study

Masters of manipulation can alter the very fabric of reality, crossing great distances, distorting space, and even changing the flow of time to their whims.

Study Synergy: An archivist that studies manipulation gains the following ability when overloading a script.

Script Distortion (Su)

Whenever you overload a script, you gain a +2 bonus to your caster level to determine either the duration or range of the script for each manipulation runic charge expended. You choose which bonus each charge provides (either duration or range) when you overload the script.

Study Abilities: You are a master of reality, able to bend time and space as you desire.

Celerity (Ex)

At 2nd level, you can always act in the surprise round even if you fail to make a Perception roll to notice a foe, but you are still considered flat-footed until you take an action. In addition, you receive a bonus on initiative checks equal to 1/2 your archivist level.

Spatial Leap (Su)

At 8th level, you can bend space around you to teleport short distances, though this travel is imprecise. You can use this ability to teleport up to 30 feet per archivist level per day as a standard action, either in a single round or broken up across multiple spatial leaps. This movement must be used in 10-foot increments and does not provoke an attack of opportunity. However, when you arrive, you re-enter 1 square off target, as per the rules for thrown splash weapons. If this would place you in an occupied square, you instead arrive in the nearest safe location. When you arrive, space is still distorted around you, granting you concealment as the blur spell for 1 round. You may bring other willing creatures with you, but you must expend an equal amount of distance for each additional creature brought with you. They likewise re-enter off target (roll location for each creature) and are surrounded by spatial distortion for 1 round.

Astral Lock (Sp)

At 14th level, as a swift action you can prevent any extradimensional travel near you, as if you had a dimensional lock spell centered on your space that moves with you. This does not interfere with your own scripts. The astral lock lasts for 1 minute, and can be dismissed early as a standard action. You can use this ability once per day, plus an additional time per day at 20th level.

Temporal Mastery (Su)

At 20th level, you become a master of both time and space. You stop aging, cannot be magically aged, and no longer take penalties to your ability scores for aging. Age bonuses still accrue, though you do not die from old age and still physically appear as the age you were when you gained this ability. Manipulation scripts you cast that move or teleport always arrive exactly where you want them to with no chance of appearing off-target (this benefit also applies to your spatial leap ability). When you overload a manipulation script, it is automatically boosted by Enlarge Script without increasing its casting time. You can still apply a metascript feat you know to a script modified in this way.

Focused Studies