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Broken Soul Nymph

These nymphs' eyes have been plucked out. They can still see and utilize their gaze attacks, but their beauty has been forever marred. When they notice intruders, they silently move to attack, tears of blood running freely down their cheeks.

Broken Soul Nymph CR 10

XP 9,600
Female broken soul advanced nymph
CN Medium fey
Init +5; Senses low-light vision; Perception +15
Aura baleful gaze (DC 20), blinding beauty (30 ft., DC 20)


AC* 29, touch 25, flat-footed 23 (+9 deflection, +5 Dex, +1 dodge, +4 natural)
hp 108 (8d6+80)
Fort* +11, Ref* +11, Will* +10
DR 10/cold iron, 5/—; Resist acid 5, cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5, sonic 5


Speed 20 ft., swim 10 ft.
Melee torturous touch +9 touch (2d6 plus 1d6 Dexterity plus convulsions)
Special Attacks agonized wail (DC 20), baleful gaze (DC 20), torturous touch (DC 20), stunning glance (DC 20)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 8th; concentration* +14)

1/day--dimension door

Druid Spells Prepared (CL 7th; concentration* +13)

4th--air walk, flame strike (DC 18)
3rd--call lightning (DC 17), poison (DC 17), spike growth
2nd--barkskin, flame blade, resist energy, tree shape
1st--charm animal (DC 15), endure elements, entangle (DC 15), obscuring mist, produce flame
0--detect magic, guidance, light, stabilize


If a defaced nymph has the opportunity before battle, she casts air walk and barkskin. A defaced nymph uses her baleful gaze on the first round of combat, then activates her blinding beauty, saving her stunning glance to use against non-humanoid foes or creatures that manage to engage her in melee. She prefers to hang back and cast spells on foes, using her agonized wail if she’s surrounded. A defaced nymph fights to the death, as if eager for release from her painful existence.


Str 16, Dex 21, Con 28, Int 20, Wis 19, Cha 23
Base Atk +4; CMB +7; CMD 32
Feats Combat Casting, DiehardB, Dodge, EnduranceB, Mobility, ToughnessB, Weapon Finesse
Skills Acrobatics* +16 (+28 jump), Bluff +17, Escape Artist +16, Intimidate* +22, Knowledge (nature) +16, Knowledge (planes) +13, Perception +15, Perform (string) +17, Sense Motive +15, Stealth +16, Swim +22*
Languages Aklo, Aquan, Common, Draconic, Giant, Sylvan


Agonized Wail (Su)

As a standard action, a defaced nymph can emit an agonized wail that affects all creatures within 120 feet—this wail causes those who experience it to become shaken (Will DC 20 negates) as long as they remain within 120 feet of the defaced nymph. A successful save renders a creature immune to that defaced nymph’s agonized wail for 1 minute. This is a mind-affecting fear effect. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Baleful Gaze (Su)

Any creature within 60 feet of a defaced nymph must succeed on a DC 20 Fortitude save or take 1d4 points of Strength, Constitution, and Charisma drain. Whatever the result of the saving throw, the creature cannot be affected by the same defaced nymph’s baleful gaze again for 1 minute. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Blinding Beauty (Su)

This ability affects all humanoids within 30 feet of a nymph. Those who look directly at a defaced nymph must succeed on a DC 20 Fortitude save or be blinded permanently. A defaced nymph can suppress or resume this ability as a free action. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Stunning Glance (Su)

As a standard action, a defaced nymph can stun a creature within 30 feet with a look. The target must succeed on a DC 20 Fortitude save or be stunned for 2d4 rounds. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Torturous Touch (Su)

A defaced nymph can make a touch attack to cause hideous, painful wounds to rip open in the target’s body. This touch causes 2d6 points of slashing damage and 1d6 points of Dexterity damage, and causes the touched creature to fall prone in a fit of convulsions (during which the creature is helpless) for 1d4 rounds. A DC 20 Fortitude save negates the Dexterity damage and the convulsive fit. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Unearthly Grace (Su)

A defaced nymph adds her Charisma modifier as a racial bonus on all her saving throws, and as a deflection bonus to her Armor Class.

* Editor's Note
Several calculations seem to be incorrect. The proper lines and figures are below:

AC 28, touch 22, flat-footed 22 (+6 deflection, +5 Dex, +1 dodge, +6 natural)

Fort +17, Ref +17, Will +16

(SLA) Concentration +4 (broken soul template carries -10 to concentration checks)

(Spells) Concentration +1

(Skills) Racial Modifier: +8 Intimidate

Acrobatics +16 (+12 jump), Intimidate +24

GMs are encouraged to use these updated figures.