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Planar Omniscience (Su)

Powerful unique outsiders, such as demon lords and princes, unique devils, and the Oinodaemon have several special abilities that set them above and beyond other such powerful entities. These abilities function only when the creature is on his home plane (defined as any plane or planar layer the creature holds dominion over).


When a living creature enters any layer controlled by the entity, that outsider knows immediately where the creature is. This ability functions similar to a discern location spell (caster level is the same as that of the outsider's spell-like abilities) except the entity is not required to have seen the creature or have some item that once belonged to it. He is not required to have touched an object if it is the target of this ability.


By concentrating for 1 minute, the entity can extend its senses (hearing and vision for example, including darkvision) from its present location out to a radius of 1 mile per 5 Hit Dice the entity possesses. The sensing power can penetrate any barrier an area otherwise blocked by an entity of equal or higher Hit Dice or a deity. All-sensing is not fooled by misdirection or nondetection or similar spells, and it does not create a magical sensor that other creatures can detect. An entity can extend its senses to one location at a time and still sense what’s going on nearby.

Once an entity chooses a remote location to sense, it automatically receives sensory information from that location until it chooses a new location to sense (as a standard action), or until it can’t sense the location.

Block Sensing

As a standard action, the entity can block the sensing ability of other entities of its Hit Dice or lower. This power extends for a radius of one mile per 5 Hit Dice of the entity. The creature can block the area within one mile of itself while blocking a remote location. The blockage lasts 1 hour per 5 Hit Dice the entity possesses.

Planar Knowledge

These powerful entities are attuned to their home plane. They always treat any location as familiar for the purpose of spells and effects such as teleport.

Format: SQ planar omniscience; Location: Special Qualities.