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Nightshade, Nightcrawler

This immense worm is covered with plates of dead-black, chitinous armor. Its toothy maw yawns like a cave.

Nightcrawler CR 18

XP 153,600
CE Gargantuan undead (extraplanar, nightshade)
+4; Senses darksense, darkvision 120 ft., low-light vision, detect magic, tremorsense 120 ft.; Perception +33
desecrating aura (30 ft.)


AC 33, touch 6, flat-footed 33 (+27 natural, –4 size)
 312 (25d8+200)
+16, Ref +10, Will +23
15/good and silver; Immune cold, undead traits; SR 29
light aversion


Speed 30 ft., burrow 60 ft.
bite +32 (4d10+18/19–20 plus 4d6 cold and grab), sting +32 (4d6+18/19–20 plus 4d6 cold and poison)
20 ft.; Reach 20 ft.
Special Attacks
channel negative energy (9d6, DC 31, 9/day), energy drain (1 level, DC 28), swallow whole (4d10+22 bludgeoning plus energy drain, AC 23, 31 hp)
Spell-Like Abilities
(CL 18th; concentration +24)

Constant—air walk, detect magic, magic fang
At will—contagion (DC 20), deeper darkness, greater dispel magic, invisibility, unholy blight (DC 20)
3/day—quickened cone of cold (DC 21), confusion (DC 20), haste, hold monster (DC 21)
1/day—finger of death (DC 23), mass hold monster (DC 25), plane shift (DC 23), summon (level 8, 6 greater shadows)


Str 41, Dex 10, Con —, Int 20, Wis 21, Cha 23
Base Atk
+18; CMB* +37 (+41 grapple); CMD 47 (can’t be tripped)
Combat Expertise, Command Undead, Critical Focus, Greater Vital Strike, Improved Critical (bite), Improved Critical (sting), Improved Initiative, Improved Vital Strike, Iron Will, Power Attack, Quicken Spell-Like Ability (cone of cold), Staggering Critical, Vital Strike
Intimidate +34, Knowledge (arcana) +33, Knowledge (planes) +30, Knowledge (religion) +33, Perception +33, Sense Motive +33, Spellcraft +33, Stealth +16 (+24 in darkness), Swim +40; Racial Modifiers +8 Stealth in dim light and darkness
Abyssal, Common, Infernal; telepathy 100 ft.


Energy Drain (Su)

A creature that has been swallowed whole by a nightcrawler gains 1 negative level each round.

Poison (Su)

Sting—injury; save Fort DC 28; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d4 Constitution drain and 1 negative level; cure 3 consecutive saves.

The save DC is Charisma-based.

* Editor's Note

Melee damage seems to be in error. Damage bonus should be +15str+2profane+1spell for a total of +18.

The CMB value seems to be in error. It should be 18bab+15str+4size+2profane for a total of CMB +39 (+41 grapple).

GMs are encouraged to use these corrected values.