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Simple Template: Fiery Creature (CR +0 or +1)

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Fiery creatures are native denizens of the Elemental Planes of Fire, and act as conduits to the burning energies of their home plane. This template can be applied only to a nonoutsider that has none of the following subtypes: air, cold, earth, fire, or water. Creatures with a swim speed can't be fiery creatures. A fiery creature's CR increases by 1 only if the base creature has 5 or more HD.

Rebuild Rules: Type gains the fire subtype; Senses gains darkvision 60 ft.; Defensive Abilities gains DR as noted on the table below; Attacks gains bonus fire damage as noted on the table below on attacks with natural weapons and metal weapons.

Hit Dice DR Fire Damage
1–4 1 point
5–10 3/— 2d6
11+ 5/— 3d6