Waxwork Candle (CR +1)

One or more small flames burn on wicks emerging from the waxwork creature’s body, often its head or hands. Though real, these flames don’t consume the waxwork creature’s body.

Creating a Waxwork Candle

Challenge Rating: Normal waxwork creature’s CR + 1.

Melee: The waxwork creature’s slam attack, or one natural attack it has, gains the burn universal monster ability. The additional fire damage is equal to the waxwork creature’s slam damage die. The waxwork creature gains a +2 racial bonus to the save DC.

Special Qualities: A waxwork candle creature gains illumination.

Illumination (Su)

A waxwork candle creature’s flames create normal light within the creature’s reach and increases the light level by one step within twice that distance (minimum 5 feet). A waxwork candle creature is immune to its own fire, but not other flames (including those ignited by its own fire). The waxwork candle creature’s flames can be extinguished as normal flames. It loses the burn ability when the wicks are unlit, but can magically reignite the flames as a move action.

Waxwork Creature Construction

Add produce flame as a spell requirement. Add 1,000 gp to the price (and 500 gp to the cost).

CL varies (equal to the waxwork creature’s HD); Price 1,000 gp per HD plus cost of wax


Feats Craft Construct, animate objects, make whole; Skills Craft (sculpture); Cost 500 gp per HD plus cost of wax