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Ogrekin (CR +1)

The result of an unfortunate union between an ogre and a humanoid, the ogrekin (or half-ogre) is cursed with horrific malformations due to its tragic ancestry. Shunned by both parents, ogrekin tend to form unstable clans of their own, often resorting to inbreeding to sustain the collective. While good-natured ogrekin are not entirely unheard of, they are far and few between.

Creating an Ogrekin

“Ogrekin” is an inherited template that can be added to any Medium humanoid (referred to hereafter as the base creature). An ogrekin retains all the base creature’s Statistics and Special Abilities except as noted here.

CR: Same as base creature +1 (minimum 2).

Alignment: Usually evil.

Type: The creature’s subtype changes to giant.

Armor Class: Natural armor improves by +3.

Ability Scores: Str +6, Con +4, Int –2, Cha –2.

Special Qualities and Defenses: An ogrekin gains low-light vision. In addition, ogrekin receive two random deformities—one beneficial and one disadvantageous.

Beneficial Deformities: The ogrekin gains one of these, chosen randomly.

Beneficial Deformities Source Bestiary 2

d6 Deformity Effects
1 Oversized Limb The ogrekin can wield weapons one size category larger than normal without any penalty and gains a +2 bonus to its Strength.
2 Oversized Maw The ogrekin gains a bite attack (1d4).
5 Quick Metabolism The ogrekin gains a +2 racial bonus on Fortitude saves.
4 Thick Skin Improve natural armor bonus by +2.
5 Vestigial Limb A vestigial third arm (which can’t be used to use items) grants a +4 racial bonus on grapple checks.
6 Vestigial Twin A malformed twin’s head juts out from the ogrekin, providing the ogrekin with all-around vision.

Beneficial Deformities Source PCS:ISMC

d10 Deformity Effects
1 Bulging Eye The ogrekin gains darkvision 60 feet.
2 Enlarged Skull The ogrekin takes no penalty to Intelligence from the ogrekin template.
3 Gnarled Hands The ogrekin gains a claw attack. This attack is considered a primary natural attack that deals 1d6 points of damage. If the ogrekin already possesses a claw attack, it instead gains Improved Natural Attack (claw) as a bonus feat.
4 Grotesque Ears The ogrekin gains blindsense 10 feet and a +4 racial bonus on Perception checks.
5 Lanky The ogrekin's natural reach increases by 5 feet.
6 Snout The ogrekin gains the scent ability.
7 Thick Feet The ogrekin gains a +4 racial bonus to its CMD against bull rush, overrun, and trip combat maneuvers, as well as a +2 bonus to its AC against attacks made as part of a charge action.
8 Vice Grip The ogrekin gains a +2 racial bonus on disarm and grapple combat maneuver checks and a +4 racial bonus to CMD against disarm and grapple maneuvers.
9 Warty Knuckles The ogrekin gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat.
10 Webbed Fingers The ogrekin gains a swim speed equal to half its land speed.

Disadvantageous Deformities: The ogrekin gains one of these, chosen randomly.

Disadvantageous Deformities Source PRG:B2

d6 Deformity Effects
1 Deformed Hand One hand can’t wield weapons; –2 penalty on attack rolls with two-handed weapons.
2 Fragile The ogrekin is particularly frail and gaunt. It loses its +4 racial bonus to Con.
3 Light Sensitive The ogrekin gains light sensitivity.
4 Obese The ogrekin takes a –2 penalty to Dexterity (minimum score of 1).
5 Stunted Legs The ogrekin’s base speed is reduced by 10 feet (minimum base speed of 5 feet).
6 Weak Mind The ogrekin’s head is huge and misshapen. It gains a –2 penalty on Will saving throws.

Disadvantageous Deformities Source PCS:ISMC

d10 Deformity Effects
1 Atrophied Eyes The ogrekin gains the light blindness weakness.
2 Bad Eyes The ogrekin is partially blind. Creatures targeting the ogrekin increase their attack bonuses for flanking to +4, and the ogrekin takes a –2 penalty on all ranged attack rolls against targets more than 30 feet away.
3 Brittle Bones The ogrekin's bones are malformed and weak. Creatures gain a +4 circumstance bonus on attack rolls to confirm critical hits against the ogrekin.
4 Deformed Feet The ogrekin can't run and takes a –2 penalty to its CMD against bull rush, overrun, and trip combat maneuvers.
5 Distractible If the ogrekin rolls a natural 1 on an ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check, it becomes confused until the end of its next turn.
6 Flaking Skin The ogrekin reduces the bonus to natural armor granted by the ogrekin template to +1 and gains vulnerability to nonlethal damage.
7 Massive Girth The ogrekin is treated as being one size category larger when attempting Stealth checks.
8 Offensive Odor Increase the Charisma penalty imposed by the ogrekin template to –4. Creatures with scent can detect the ogrekin from twice the normal distance.
9 Trusting The ogrekin takes a –2 penalty on Will saves against mind-affecting effects and a –1 penalty on initiative checks.
10 Twisted Spine The ogrekin takes a –4 penalty on grapple and trip combat maneuver checks. Standing up from prone requires the ogrekin to take a full-round action.

Ogrekin Encounters


Ogrekin are solitary creatures and rarely live in groups of more than six. While not particularly intelligent, ogrekin can plan simple ambushes and tactics but quickly fall back on the savagery of their monstrous parents, aggressively attacking the most physically imposing enemies first and using their deformities and great strength to terrible effect at close range. At their most merciful, ogrekin prefer to take living captives that they treat with widely varied levels of hospitality. Ogrekin are rarely encountered in settlements, though they often prowl close to a town's fence or city's gate, waiting for unsuspecting travelers. This lonely existence leads many ogrekin to tame and train wild animals, a practice ogrekin take to with ease by quickly establishing dominance over beasts with their prodigious physical strength. These pets form resilient bonds with their masters and remain fiercely protective even after their owners' death.

The few ogrekin who have found acceptance into more civilized groups are often used as dispensable tools, sent out as the first lines of defense to deal with potential troublemakers. Though rarely treated with any kindness, these ogrekin strive for approval from their fellows, and can demonstrate great bravery when opportunities present themselves. Among tribes of their own kind, some ogrekin readily take up divine spellcasting. Healers and seers are highly valued for their utility both in battle and when processing new slaves.