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Mighty (CR +5)

A mighty creature is a stronger, more powerful version of a typical example of its kind. The mighty template is a great way to create pack leaders, chieftains, warlords, and feared albino oddities of great size and speed that terrorize countrysides and trade routes. In many ways the mighty template is a step up from the advanced simple template.

Mighty: A mighty creature gains +10 bonus hit points per Hit Die (minimum +50), +5 dodge bonus to AC, +5 bonus to initiative, all saving throws, damage, ability checks, and skill checks. It also gains a +30-foot bonus to its speed (to a maximum of double), +10 to all attack rolls and CMB, and +15 to CMD. The saving throw DC for any ability or spell of a mighty creature is increased by 7.

Damage Reduction (Ex)

A mighty creature shrugs off a part of the mundane damage it takes. It gains DR 1/— for every three full Hit Dice it possesses. This overlaps (does not stack with) any other DR the base creature might have.

Immunities: A mighty creature is immune to mind-affecting abilities, sleep, and paralysis.

Spell Resistance: A mighty creature ignores a percentage of the spells that would affect a lesser creature. It might have a mystic ability to negate such magic, or the spell resistance might represent a “super saving throw”—the mighty creature’s ability to shrug off damage, focus past enchantments, and dodge spells with breathtaking speed. The mighty creature’s SR is equal to the base creature’s CR +12.

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