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Flesh Plant (CR +1)

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Whether created by magic, summoned from another plane, or spawned by an evolutionary process gone terribly awry, flesh plants are mobile mounds of flesh that take the familiar forms of plants.

A flesh plant is horrible to see. Its skin-covered bones resemble twigs, and its ropy intestines climb like vines through its body. Veined flaps of skin stiffened by cartilage look like a hideous cross between ears and leaves.

Like plants drawing water, flesh plants feed by sucking blood from the ground or from the corpses of creatures they have killed. A toxin that prevents blood from clotting allows flesh plants to cause bleeding wounds that can cripple prey. A single strike is often sufficient, and a flesh plant can “hunt” by surprising a creature with a single attack and then tracking the victim's blood and scent trail to the spot where it collapsed or died.

Creating a Flesh Plant

Flesh” is an inherited or acquired template that can be added to any plant (referred to hereafter as the base plant). A flesh plant uses all the base plant's statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Challenge Rating: Same as the base plant +1.

Alignment: Usually neutral.

Type: The plant's type changes to aberration with the augmented plant subtype. It loses all abilities granted by the plant type. Do not recalculate base attack bonuses, saves, or skill points.

Senses: A flesh plant gains the scent special ability, darkvision 60 feet, and tremorsense +20 feet.

Table 2-20: Flesh Plant Natural Armor
Size Natural Armor
Medium or smaller 0
Large 2
Huge 5
Gargantuan 9
Colossal 14

Armor Class: A flesh plant's body is made of muscle, soft organs, and cartilage, instead of vegetable matter. The base plant's natural armor bonus is replaced by a new one based on its size, as given on Table 2-20.

Defensive Abilities: A flesh plant gains fast healing 2, plus 2 more for every 10 racial HD. Any plant-based weaknesses (e. g., vulnerability to fire, need for sunshine) are lost.

Speed: Each of the flesh plant's speeds increases by +10 feet over the corresponding speeds of the base plant. If the base plant lacks a land speed, the flesh plant gains a land speed of 10 feet.

Attacks: A flesh plant's natural attacks gain the bleed (1d4 hp) universal ability due to a toxin weeping from its flesh. Creatures immune to poison are immune to a flesh plant's bleed ability.

Abilities: Str +4, Dex +4, Con +4. If the base plant lacks an Intelligence score, the flesh plant gains an Intelligence score of 1.

Feats: If the flesh plant gains an Intelligence score, it gains the standard number of feats for its total Hit Dice.

Skills: If the base plant has a bonus on Stealth checks based on its resemblance to natural plants or the ability to camouflage itself with color in a natural environment, the flesh plant loses that bonus. The standard class skills for an aberration are class skills for a flesh plant.

Organization: Solitary.