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Electric Creature (CR +2)

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Fleeting creatures of electrical energy, electric creatures are creatures of lightning and static. They are found throughout the elemental planes wherever there are electrical storms or events accompanied by great amounts of lighting. Occasionally, they find their way to the Material Planes via strong electrical activity, such as thunderstorms, dust storms, or through the breath of the largest of blue dragons.

Electric creatures appear to be the base form made of lightning and electrified matter.

Creating an Electric Creature

Electric creature” is an inherited template that can be applied to any living creature that does not have the water or aquatic subtypes (referred to hereafter as the base creature). An electric creature uses all the base creature's statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Challenge Rating: Same as base creature +2.

Type: The electric creature's type changes to outsider, and it gains the elemental, extraplanar, and incorporeal subtypes. If your game uses an electricity subtype the base creature gains it. If the base creature has the water subtype, it loses it. Recalculate base attack bonuses, saves, or skill points.

Armor Class: The base creature's armor, shield, and natural armor bonuses no longer apply, but an electric creature gains a deflection bonus to Armor Class equal to its Charisma bonus or +1, whichever is higher. Electric creatures cannot use or carry equipment of any kind.

Hit Dice: Change all of the base creature's racial HD to d10s.

Defensive Abilities: An electric creature gains immunity to electricity.

Weaknesses: An electric creature gains the following weakness.

Water Vulnerability (Ex)

For every gallon of water an electric creature is exposed to, it takes 1d8 damage. If it is submerged in water, the damage increases to 1d10 per round it is submerged, but also does 1d6 electricity damage to all within a radius equal to the electric creature's space.

Speed: An electric creature loses all its modes of movement except land and fly speed. An electric creature gains or increases its fly speed to the base creature's highest speed with perfect maneuverability.

Attacks: All of the base creature's natural attacks become incorporeal touch attacks. The electric creature gains a primary incorporeal touch attack if it has no other natural attacks. Each of an electric creature's incorporeal touch attacks that was converted from an attack that dealt hit point damage now deals electricity damage instead. If the attack additionally dealt damage of an energy type (such as acid, cold, fire, or sonic), that damage is also converted to electricity damage. If the electric creature gains an incorporeal touch attack from the application of this template, its damage is based on size as a slam attack as if the creature one size category larger.

Special Attacks: An electric creature loses all special attacks that require corporeal contact except those that deal hit point damage. Such attacks now deal electric damage in the same amounts. The electric creature also gains the following.

Chain Lightning Strike (Su)

Once per day, an electric creature can make a chain lightning attack against any creatures within 100 feet of the electric creature. This ability is otherwise identical to the chain lightning spell, but there is no upper limit to the damage it can do. The caster level is equal to the electric creature's total Hit Dice. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Electric Burst (Su)

Three times per day, an electric creature can release a burst of electricity centered on itself. The burst has a range of 20 feet and does half the damage as its lightning strike ability (see below). The save DC is Constitution-based.

Electric Spellcasting (Su)

An electric creature casts all spells and spell-like abilities with the electric descriptor at one caster level higher. An electric creature can add the electric descriptor to any damaging spell. Such spells are not cast at increased caster level and half of the damage dealt is electric damage. It cannot cast spells or use spell-like abilities with the water descriptor.

Electric Strikes (Ex)

If a target is wearing metal armor, the threat range for all attacks is doubled.

Lighting Strike (Su)

Once per day plus one additional time per day per every 5 racial Hit Dice the electric creature has, an electric creature can direct a lightning bolt against any foe within 100 ft. The ability is otherwise identical to the lightning bolt spell but has no upper limit to the damage it can do. The electric creature's caster level is equal to its total racial Hit Dice. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Spell-like Abilities: An electric creature keeps all its spell like abilities, but those abilities that deal acid, cold, fire, or sonic damage now deal electricity damage.

Spellcasting: An electric creature cannot cast spells that require material components unless it has the Eschew Materials feat.

Abilities: Dex +4; as an incorporeal creature, the electric creature has no Strength score.

Special Qualities: The electric creature retains all the base creature's special qualities that do not require corporeal contact with another creature and gains the no breath universal ability. An electric creature gains the following.

Electric Body (Ex)

Anyone striking an electric creature with natural or non-metallic manufactured melee weapons takes 1d6 electricity damage. If an opponent strikes an electric creature with a metallic melee weapon or object, the damage increases to 1d8.

Electric Leap (Su)

When using its lightning strike or chain lighting strike abilities, an electric creature can travel along its lightning bolt as a swift action. The electric creature reappears in any open 5-foot square next to any single creature struck by the bolt. If nobody is hit, the electric creature reappears at the location where the lightning strike ends. If there is no 5-foot square near the creature struck, the lightning creature appears at the closest 5-foot square that is available.

Environment: any nonaquatic

Treasure: incidental