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Dread Wight (CR +2)

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Dread wights are the animated remains of creatures that were terribly violent and hateful in life. They exist only to continue their reign of terror against others, causing fear, pain, sorrow, and death whenever they can.

A dread wight has the features it did in life, but it is emaciated and wizened. Its face is constantly twisted into a rictus grin of cruelty, and intense hatred of the living burns in its eyes. Its weak-looking form disguises an unnatural strength and speed that makes its life-draining powers stunningly deadly.

Creating a Dread Wight

Dread Wight” is an acquired template that can be added to any living corporeal creature (referred to hereafter as the base creature). A dread wight uses all the base creature's statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Challenge Rating: Same as base creature +2.

Type: The creature's type changes to undead. Do not recalculate base attack bonuses, saves, or skill points.

Alignment: Always evil.

Senses: A dread wight gains blindsense +60 ft.

Armor Class: Natural armor class improves by +4.

Hit Dice: Change all of the base creature's racial HD to d8s.

Defensive Abilities: A dread wight has channel resistance +4 and the immunities granted by its undead traits.

Attacks: A dread wight gains a primary slam attack if it does not already have a natural attack. The damage for this slam attack is dependent on the size of the base creature.

Special Attacks: The dread wight gains energy drain (1 level) on all of its natural attacks. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Command Wights (Su)

As a free action, a dread wight can automatically command all normal wights within 30 feet (as command undead). Normal wights never attack a dread wight unless compelled.

Special Qualities: The dread wight retains all the base creature's special qualities and gains those described here.

Create Spawn (Su)

Any creature killed by a dread wight's energy drain ability rises as a dread wight in 1d4 rounds. A dread wight created in this manner is under the command of its creator (as dominate monster) and remains so until either it or the creator is destroyed.

Abilities: Str +2, Dex +4, Int +2, Wis +2, Cha +4. As an undead creature, a dread wight has no Constitution score.

Skills: A dread wight has a +8 racial modifier on Stealth checks.