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Slaad Lord of the Insane (Chaos Lord of the Insane)

This creature looks like a dark gold amoeba with an oversized humanoid brain floating in its center. Three long, black tentacles extend from its body, writhing constantly.

Slaad Lord Of The Insane CR 27

XP 3,280,000
CN Medium outsider (chaotic, extraplanar, shapechanger)
Init +10; Senses darkvision 60 ft., detect magic, see invisibility; Perception +61


AC 50, touch 24, flat-footed 44 (+6 Dex, +26 natural, +8 insight)
hp 820 (40d10+600); fast healing 10
Fort +39, Ref +28, Will +21
Defensive Abilities amorphous; DR 20/magic and lawful;
Resist acid 10, cold 10, electricity 10, fire 10, sonic 10; SR 37


Speed 40 ft., fly 60 ft.
Melee 3 slam +54 (2d6+13 plus energy drain)
Reach 5 ft. (10 ft. with slam)
Special Attacks energy drain
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 29th; concentration +37)

Constant--detect magic, see invisibility
At will--animate objects, chaos hammer (DC 22), deeper darkness, dispel law (DC 23), fireball (DC 21), invisibility (self only), magic circle against law, mass charm monster (DC 26), plane shift (DC 25)
3/day--power word blind, shatter (DC 20), summon (level 9, 3 red*, blue*, or green slaadi*, or 2 gray* or death slaadi* 100%)
2/day--circle of death (DC 24), symbol of insanity (DC 26), word of chaos (DC 25)
1/day--finger of death (DC 25), implosion (DC 27)


Str 36, Dex 22, Con 40, Int 26, Wis 26, Cha 26
Base Atk +40; CMB +53; CMD 69
Feats Alertness, Bleeding Critical, Blind-Fight, Cleave, Combat Casting, Combat Reflexes, Critical Focus, Deafening Critical, Great Cleave, Great Fortitude, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Improved Vital Strike, Power Attack, Skill Focus (Perception), Stunning Critical, Vital Strike, Weapon Focus (slam)
Skills Climb +53, Diplomacy +48, Escape Artist +46, Fly +49, Handle Animal +48, Intimidate +48, Knowledge (arcana) +48, Knowledge (history) +48, Knowledge (planes) +51, Knowledge (religion) +48, Perception +61, Sense Motive +55, Stealth +49, Survival +48
Languages Abyssal, Celestial, Common, Daemonic, Draconic, Goblin, Infernal, Slaadi, Terran, Undercommon, telepathy 100 ft.
SQ change shape (humanoid, polymorph)


Energy Drain (Su)

Living creatures hit by the Slaad Lord's slam attack gain 3 negative levels. The DC is 45 for the Fortitude save to remove a negative level. The DC is Constitution-based.

Amorphous (Ex)

The Slaad Lord of the Insane is not subject to critical hits, and having no clear front or back, cannot be flanked.

Change Shape (Su)

The Slaad Lord of the Insane can assume the shape of a humanoid as a standard action. In humanoid form, the slaad lord cannot use its natural weapons and does not deal negative levels. He usually assumes as a human male fighter cloaked in black plate armor wielding an iron black longsword (purportedly the legendary Black Sword: a +3 cold iron longsword that stuns any creature struck, as if by a power word stun spell, for 1d10 minutes if the victim fails a DC 24 Fortitude save).

Tome of Horrors Complete
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Editor's Note
Except for a few exceptions, Slaadi are Product Identity of Wizards of the Coast and as such do not have Pathfinder-compatible versions. In the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Paizo has replaced Slaadi with Proteans as the cannonical Chaotic Neutral outsiders. GMs are encouraged to pick Proteans as servants and summon targets of this lord of chaos.