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Demon, Vermlek

A corpulent man reels on his feet as if drunk, but a closer inspection reveals the horrific truth—he’s not so much reeling as he is seething from within, as if his internal organs were coiling and writhing like a knot of greased snakes. Suddenly, with a hideous retching and tearing sound, the man’s face blooms out like a rotten flower and a pallid, five-jawed worm extrudes itself from the ragged hole in the neck where, only a moment before, a head sat.

Vermlek CR 3

XP 800
CE Medium outsider (chaotic, demon, evil, extraplanar)
Init –1; Senses blindsense 30 ft., darkvision 60 ft., scent; Perception +8


AC 15, touch 9, flat-footed 15 (+3 armor, –1 Dex, +3 natural)
hp 30 (4d10+8)
Fort +8, Ref +0, Will +5
Defensive Abilities abandon flesh, flesh armor, negative energy affinity; DR 5/cold iron or good; Immune electricity, poison; Resist acid 10, cold 10, fire 10; SR 14


Speed 30 ft., burrow 20 ft.
Melee longsword +6 (1d8+2/19–20), bite +1 (1d6+1)
Special Attacks inhabit body
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 3rd; concentration +4)
3/day—mass inflict light wounds (DC 16), spider climb
1/daygentle repose, summon (level 2, 1d4 dretches, 50%)


Str 15, Dex 9, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 12
Base Atk +4; CMB +6 (+10 grapple); CMD 15
Feats Deceitful, Great Fortitude
Skills Bluff +10, Disguise +10 (+18 when inhabiting a corpse), Escape Artist +6 (+14 when not inhabiting a corpse), Knowledge (religion) +8, Perception +8, Sense Motive +8, Use Magic Device +8; Racial Modifiers +8 Disguise when inhabiting a corpse, +8 Escape Artist when not inhabiting a corpse
Languages Abyssal, Common; telepathy 100 ft.


Abandon Flesh (Su)

As a swift action, a vermlek can abandon an inhabited body, crawling hideously out of its host and leaving behind an empty sack of skin and bits of gristle. In so doing, it absorbs much of the body’s flesh to heal itself, restoring 2d6+3 hit points. A vermlek cannot later reclaim this body with its inhabit body ability.

Flesh Armor (Su)

When a vermlek wears a humanoid body (see inhabit body, below), it treats the dead flesh and muscle as armor and gains a +3 armor bonus to its AC.

Inhabit Body (Su)

A vermlek can crawl into the body of any dead Medium humanoid, consuming and replacing the bulk of the humanoid’s skeleton and internal organs as it does so. This process takes 1d4 rounds for the vermlek to complete, during which it is considered flat-footed. Once the process is complete, the vermlek appears for all practical purposes to be a living but hideously obese version of the previous humanoid—it gains a +8 racial bonus on Disguise checks to appear as a normal humanoid while wearing a dead body in this manner, but does not gain any of the abilities that the dead creature possessed in life, including natural attacks, unusual movement types, or bonuses to natural armor. It loses its own burrow speed while inhabiting a body, but gains the ability to wield weapons or wear armor shaped for humanoids (although note that the armor bonus granted by wearing armor does not stack with the bonus granted by the vermlek’s flesh armor ability).

Negative Energy Affinity (Ex)

A vermlek is healed by negative energy and harmed by positive energy as if it were an undead creature.