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Demon, Ooze

Ooze demons are the forgotten children of Jubilex, The Faceless Lord, faithful servants that obey the will of their master without question. When the Faceless Lord went missing (see the module, G5 Chaos Rising, by Necromancer Games for details) the ooze demons formed search parties and scoured the planes for signs of his whereabouts.

Ooze demons, both lesser and greater, appear as a combination of ooze and demon. An ooze demon resembles a humanoid with a long, crocodilian snout, razor-sharp teeth, and long talons. From a distance, this monster looks like a typical demon (if such a thing exists). Up close, the horror is easily ascertainable; the creature is actually a single entity of swirling black and white or black and gray ooze in the shape of a humanoid.