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Angel, Empyrean

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Light spills out through cracks in this humanoid being's clothing and armor, and its four wings are composed of wispy blue light.

Empyrean CR 20

XP 307,200
NG Large outsider (angel, extraplanar, good)
Init +12; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, detect evil, detect snares and pits, true seeing; Perception +38
Aura protective aura


AC 38, touch 38, flat-footed 30 (+8 Dex, +7 insight, +14 sacred, –1 size, +4 deflection vs. evil)
hp 387 (25d10+250); regeneration 15 (evil artifacts)
Fort +24, Ref +18, Will +24; +4 vs. poison, +4 resistance vs. evil
Defensive Abilities heed no call, uncanny dodge; DR 15/ piercing and evil; Immune acid, cold, petrification; Resist electricity 10, fire 10; SR 31


Speed 50 ft., fly 120 ft. (good)
Melee +1 holy merciful halberd +36/+31/+26/+21 (2d8+16/19–20/×3) or slam +34 (2d8+15)
Ranged +1 holy merciful composite longbow +33/+28/+23/+18 (2d6+11/×3)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20th; concentration +27)

Constantdetect evil, detect snares and pits, discern lies (DC 21), true seeing
At willaid, atonement, break enchantment, commune, continual flame, dimensional anchor, greater dispel magic, lesser restoration, mark of justice, neutralize poison, remove curse, remove disease, remove fear, resist energy, speak with dead
3/dayblade barrier (DC 23), dispel evil (DC 22), heal (DC 23), mass charm monster (DC 25), permanency, resurrection, sympathy (DC 25)
1/daygreater restoration, power word stun, wish

Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 20th; concentration +30)

9thgate, mass heal (DC 29), miracle, overwhelming presence (DC 29), quickened righteous might
8thantimagic field, discern location, quickened divine power, greater spell immunity, holy aura (DC 28)
7thcontrol weather, holy word (DC 27), greater scrying (DC 27), repulsion (DC 27), waves of ecstasy (DC 27)
6thheal (DC 26), heroes' feast, joyful rapture, quickened silence (DC 22), wind walk, word of recall
5thbreath of life, quickened divine favor, fickle winds, greater command (DC 25), plane shift (DC 25), serenity (DC 25)
4thdeath ward, dismissal (DC 24), divine power, freedom of movement, greater magic weapon (2)
3rddaylight, invisibility purge, locate object, prayer, stone shape, wind wall
2ndconsecrate, find traps, grace (2), make whole, remove paralysis, silence (DC 22)
1stbless, divine favor, endure elements, obscuring mist (2), remove sickness, shield of faith
0create water, detect magic, guidance, purify food and drink


Str 30, Dex 27, Con 30, Int 23, Wis 30, Cha 25
Base Atk +25; CMB +36; CMD 75
Feats Combat Reflexes, Dazing Assault, Deadly Aim, Furious Focus, Improved Critical (halberd), Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Manyshot, Point-Blank Shot, Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus (halberd)
Skills Craft (any) +34, Diplomacy +35, Disguise +15, Fly +23, Heal +17, Knowledge (history, planes, religion) +34, Perception +38, Perform (any one) +35, Sense Motive +38, Spellcraft +31, Stealth +32, Use Magic Device +32
Languages Celestial, Draconic, Infernal; truespeech
SQ change shape (alter self), empyrean insights, lucent arms, lucent body


Empyrean Insights (Ex)

Empyreans have insight into the way creatures act, and it serves them well in battle. Empyreans gain an insight bonus to their Armor Class equal to their Charisma bonuses.

Heed No Call (Ex)

Empyreans are ancient beyond measure and directly serve the gods. They are immune to all calling spells, unless they choose to allow themselves to be called.

Lucent Arms (Ex)

An empyrean infuses its weapons with its own inner light. Any weapon an empyrean wields gains the holy and merciful special abilities. The empyrean can suppress the merciful special ability on command as normal. An empyrean needs no ammunition for its bow (or for any other ranged weapon it may possess), as it can simply fire arrows of light. An empyrean's weapons count as having the brilliant energy special ability whenever it would be beneficial to the empyrean.

Lucent Body (Ex)

Each empyrean is formed of the ancient essence of good. Its lucent body melds perfectly with its armor and clothing, forming a single whole. An empyrean gains a sacred bonus to its Armor Class equal to the total armor bonus of its infused armor (typically +14 from infused +5 full plate), but it suffers no restrictions or penalties for wearing armor. An empyrean can never gain an armor bonus or natural armor bonus to its Armor Class through any means.


Empyreans can cast divine spells as 20th-level clerics.

They do not gain access to domains or other cleric abilities.