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Cerebric Cyst

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This floating, purple brain has occult sigils glowing on its surface and tentacles made of ectoplasm.

Cerebric Cyst CR 7

XP 3,200
NE Tiny ooze
Init +6; Senses thoughtsense 30 ft., Perception +16
Aura brain static (30 ft.), mental static (30 ft., DC 19)


AC 19, touch 19, flat-footed 14 (+4 Dex, +1 dodge, +2 insight, +2 size)
hp 85 (10d8+40)
Fort +9, Ref +9, Will +11
Defensive Abilities evasion, prescience; Immune ooze traits


Speed 30 ft., fly 60 ft. (good)
Melee 2 tentacles +13 (2d6 electricity plus empowering strike and psychic sting)
Space 2-1/2 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Special Attacks empowering strike, psychic sting
Psychic Magic (CL 10th; concentration +14)

9 PEmind thrust III (3 PE, DC 17), synaptic pulse (3 PE, DC 17)

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 10th; concentration +14)

Constantenshroud thoughts
At willcharm monster (DC 18), dominate person (DC 19), mind thrust II (DC 16), synesthesia (DC 17), telekinetic projectile


Str 4, Dex 19, Con 18, Int 15, Wis 22, Cha 19
Base Atk +7; CMB +9; CMD 22 (can't be tripped)
Feats Defensive Combat Training, Dodge, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Weapon Finesse
Skills Bluff +14, Diplomacy +6, Fly +20, Perception +16, Sense Motive +16, Stealth +15
Languages Aklo (can't speak), Common (can't speak); telepathy 100 ft.


Brain Static (Su)

While within 30 feet of a cerebric cyst, creatures take a –2 penalty on all saves against the cerebric cyst's attacks, spells, and other abilities. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Empowering Strike (Su)

When a cerebric cyst hits a target creature with a tentacle attack, after resolving the damage it can, as a swift action, use one of its spell-like abilities without provoking attacks of opportunity.

Prescience (Su)

A cerebric cyst's limited precognitive ability grants it a +2 insight bonus on initiative checks, on Reflex saves, and to Armor Class. Cerebric cysts are never surprised or flat-footed.

Psychic Sting (Su)

Creatures hit by a cerebric cyst's tentacle must succeed at a DC 19 Fortitude saving throw or take 1d6 points of Intelligence damage. When a cerebric cyst deals Intelligence damage, it regains 1d6 hit points. This attack deals twice as much Intelligence damage and heals the cerebric cyst of twice as much damage if the victim can cast psychic spells (including by virtue of possessing the psychic magic universal monster ability) or has the Psychic Sensitivity feat. The save DC is Constitution-based.

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