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Esoteric Dragon, Occult

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Occult dragons have parchment-colored scales which rustle like dry leaves. They seem unusually attentive, as if always on the lookout.

NG dragon


CR 2; Size Tiny; HD 2d12; Speed 40 ft.
Natural Armor +3; Breath Weapon cone, 2d6 cold or fire
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 11


Dragons gain different special abilities as they age.

Table: Occult Dragon Special Abilities by Age Category
Age Category Special Abilities Caster Level
Wyrmling Appraising sight
Very young Protective aura
Young Psychic magic 1st
Juvenile Change shape 3rd
Young adult DR 5/magic, psychic magic 5th
Adult Frightful presence 7th
Mature adult DR 10/magic, psychic magic 9th
Old Aura sight 11th
Very old DR 15/magic, psychic magic 13th
Ancient Item mastery 15th
Wyrm DR 20/magic, psychic magic 17th
Great Wyrm Undetectable essence 19th


Appraising Sight (Ex)

An occult dragon can appraise items by sight as a free action.

Aura Sight (Su)

An old or older occult dragon sees all objects within 30 feet as per the analyze aura spell.

Change Shape (Su)

A juvenile or older occult dragon can assume any humanoid form of its size or smaller an unlimited number of times per day as if using polymorph.

Item Mastery (Su)

An ancient or older occult dragon automatically emulates any required class or spellcasting ability when using magic items.

Protective Aura (Su)

A very young or older occult dragon has an aura that acts as a magic circle against evil, law, or chaos as a 20-foot emanation.

Psychic Magic (Sp)

A dream dragon gains the following psychic spells upon reaching the listed age category: Young—forbid action (1 PE), mending (0 PE); young adult—augury (2 PE), blood biography (3 PE), invisibility (2 PE); mature adult—cognitive block (3 PE), speak with dead (3 PE); very old—debilitating portent (4 PE), divination (4 PE); wyrm—dimensional lock (8 PE).

Undetectable Essence (Su)

A great wyrm occult dragon can choose to be immune to all divination spells and effects.