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Esoteric Dragon, Astral

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Astral dragons shimmer as if surrounded by thousands of eddies of astral thought.

N dragon (extraplanar)


CR 5; Size Small; HD 6d12; Speed 40 ft.
Natural Armor +4; Breath Weapon line, 2d6 force
Str 13, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 10


Dragons gain different special abilities as they age.

Table: Astral Dragon Special Abilities by Age Category
Age Category Special Abilities Caster Level
Wyrmling Mental static aura
Very young See invisibility
Young Psychic magic 1st
Juvenile Psychic resilience 3rd
Young adult DR 5/magic, psychic magic 5th
Adult Change shape, frightful presence 7th
Mature adult DR 10/magic, psychic magic 9th
Old Psychic interference 11th
Very old DR 15/magic, psychic magic 13th
Ancient Staggering breath 15th
Wyrm DR 20/magic, psychic magic 17th
Great wyrm Thought travel 19th

Change Shape (Su)

An adult or older astral dragon can assume any humanoid form three times per day as if using polymorph.

Psychic Interference (Sp)

Three times per day, an old or older astral dragon can cast either mental barrier V or tower of iron will III as a swift action at its normal caster level.

Psychic Magic (Sp)

An astral dragon gains the following psychic spells upon reaching the listed age category: Youngdeja vu (1 PE), telekinetic projectile (0 PE); young adultanalyze aura (3 PE), aversion (2 PE), id insinuation I (2 PE); mature adultthoughtsense (4 PE); very oldpossession (5 PE); wyrmpsychic crush IV (8 PE).

Staggering Breath (Su)

Once per day, when an ancient or older astral dragon uses its breath weapon, those who fail their saving throws are staggered for 2d4 rounds.

Thought Travel (Su)

While on the Astral Plane, a great wyrm astral dragon can teleport any distance as a move action.