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Sinspawn are corrupted products of magic used by spellcasters in a past era as shock troops for their armies. Literally the embodiment of a sin made flesh, they are sentient abominations of distilled ectoplasm imprinted with the soul-image of slain creatures that possessed an abundance of a particular sin. There are seven types of sinspawn, detailed below. Click on the associated type to visit it's page.

Sinspawn Type Associated Sin Notes
Envyspawn Envy Short and thin, envyspawn often become rangers.
Gluttonspawn Gluttony Obese yet hardy and strong, gluttonspawn often become fighters.
Greedspawn Greed Towering over 7 feet in height, greedspawn have gold-tinged veins and often become rogues.
Lustspawn Lust With perfectly formed bodies sitting in grotesque counterpoint to their Monstrous faces and claws, lustspawn often become sorcerers.
Pridespawn Pride Unique among sinspawn for their long manes of hair, pridespawn are near-skeletal in their gauntness. They often become wizards.
Slothspawn Sloth Thick rolls of excess skin drape a slothspawn’s hunched frame. They often become clerics.
Wrathspawn Wrath This hairless humanoid lurches on back-bent, dog-like legs, its hideous mouth flanked by tiny arms with three-fingered hands. They often become barbarians.


Environment any ruins
Organization solitary, pair, or cult (3–8)
Treasure standard (ranseur, other treasure)