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(Bestiary) Terrain: Aquatic/Water

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Aquatic terrain is the least hospitable to most PCs, because they can't breathe there. Aquatic terrain doesn't offer the variety that land terrain does. The ocean floor holds many marvels, including undersea analogues of any of the terrain elements described earlier in this section, but if characters find themselves in the water because they were bull rushed off the deck of a pirate ship, the tall kelp beds hundreds of feet below them don't matter. Accordingly, these rules simply divide aquatic terrain into two categories: flowing water (such as streams and rivers) and non-flowing water (such as lakes and oceans).

Aquatic Terrain Environmental Rules

Aquatic Terrain, Any Climates

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Aquatic Terrain, Cold Climates

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Aquatic Terrain, Temperate and Warm Climates

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