Art Displays & Coordinators

All members of the Parkland Art League are encouraged to display their art at the venues listed. Please contact the venue coordinator for details.

Art Schneck Optical, 720 Harrison St., Emmaus

5 to 7 Paintings, Coordinator: Lynn Yurgel

May/June artist: Howard Ellsworth

Dr. Jeffrey Grove, Optometrist, 184 Main St., Emmaus

Coordinator: Kathy LaRose

May/June artist: Mary Ellen Stoyanov

Kalmbach Memorial Park, 200 Cotton St. Macungie

Coordinator: Liz Kenny

May artist: Catherine Rhoades

Laura's Custom Framing and Fine Art, 1328 Chestnut St., Emmaus

Coordinator: Betty Allender

April/May artist: Jaine Kunst

Lower Macungie Library, 3450 Brookside Road, Macungie

Coordinator: Connie Peters

No artist at this time due to recent renovations.

Luther Crest Gallery, 800 Hausman Road, Whitehall

Coordinator: Cathy Rhoades

May/June artists: Agnes Boyle and Maureen Burger

Wildlands Conservancy, Environmental Education Center, 3701 Orchid Place, Emmaus

Coordinator: Micaela Cardinale

May/June artists: Micaela Cardinale and Liz Kenny