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Booking club's boats

Please complete the Online Boat Hire Application Form if you would like to use one of the club's boats.

This form should be completed by the person who will be in charge of the boat. Normally this will be the skipper.

Boats are available for hire to club members only (with fully paid sailing membership). At least one experienced sailor needs to be on the hired boat at any time.

Hire fee: $20 per sailing session per boat.Fees are payable in advance by direct credit to the Club's account 03-0547-0016903-00. 

Check available days on the spreadsheet provided below. 

Only one booking can be made at a time and this booking must be used before another booking can be made.

If two club members want to book the same boat for the same day, the one who has had the least sails previously will be given a priority.