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May 2017.
Hey guys, I'll be in my studio in May, third weekend, check it out. 


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Image from studio 2015


Facebook: Eddie Hamilton Art Gallery
Twitter: @painteddiepaint
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About Me


Eddie Hamilton’s work is primarily acrylic on canvas but also includes mixed media on wood panel. His direct and playful work represents the emotion, energy, and interactions of people in their communities.

Eddie’s paintings are developed after research and reflection on the concept to be represented. Currently, his work is the result of studying gentrification and interpersonal human urban contact. Acrylics, ink, and crayon are used because of the ability to quickly apply and layer these materials resulting in a continuous flow of work in one sitting.

His visual representation of people and the urban setting has been greatly influenced by his childhood in California. His fascination with communities and the urban life is a result of living in vastly different areas as a child and an adult search for a sense of a community to call his own.

Studio 428 in the Northrup King Building in Northeast Minneapolis

Eddie Hamilton