September 23rd Meeting Notes

posted Sep 29, 2014, 3:54 PM by Bears Den   [ updated Sep 29, 2014, 3:57 PM ]
Did you hear about the one that got away???  

Our meeting about Tall Tales was a great BIG Paul Bunyan sized success.  We talked about national folklore and the stories we read about at home.  We identified the parts of the country where the stories took place and even played a FolkLore Matching Game.

After some thrilling sound effects by the Bears during a Paul Bunyan story, we went outside to make our own version of the undoable Gordion knot...the Bear human knot.

This week (Sept 30th) is a Whodunit???  Who stole the dollar?  
We'll work on fingerprinting (Achievement 7A) to find the culprit.

Caleb is bringing us a skit or song to practice for the October pack meeting.

As always I'll have a few twists, or games, up my sleeves.

Parents, don't forget to work on your checklist.  

Boys, read through the Achievement 7 section of the Bear Handbook, and work on requirements 7C, 7D, and 7E at home.  Don't forget to bring your handbooks with home achievements signed off so we give you the credit for your hard-earned knowledge/skills.

Class B's tomorrow...can't wait to see you (and find out who stole my dollar....)