New Book in English: Pachi Tanglang Chuan

Post date: 18-Jul-2014 09:30:52

Eight Ultimate Praying Mantis—a new book in English by Master Su has just been published. Copies are on their way to the different branches of the school and should be available soon through the internet, from Amazon and the like. Here are some details, the table of contents and quotations from the book. If you want a copy and you are in the UK, you can contact us through our email (pachitanglangcambridge(at), otherwise it will probably be better to order form an online vendor.

ISBN: 978-82-303-2650-3


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£24.99 • €30.99 • $36.95

For the first time in English, Master Su Yu-Chang, a living legend of traditional martial arts, one of the foremost heirs of Grandmaster Liu Yun-Chiao, shares with the public his uniquely profound insights into the history, the practice and the inner aspect of styles as Pachi Chuan and Pikua Chang, with some chapters devoted to Praying Mantis, and a total of more than 700 pictures dating from the 60s and 70s in Taiwan through to the 21st century around the world.

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“The rush and ‘magic recipes’ for ‘fast and easy’ learning have come to dominate the Martial Arts of our times. This approach to Kung Fu has, unfortunately, lowered the quality of Chinese Martial Arts. Without an adequate basis and a step-by-step training there is no substance to the forms. Knowing the movements without knowing the applications transforms them into a Chinese dance. A whole style may be learned in a single day ignoring the traditional steps needed to acquire a true command of Kung Fu. However, mastery of a single style requires years of dedication.”