Pachi Tanglang Cambridge • 劍橋市八極螳螂武術推廣協會

This is a contact page for the Cambridge (UK) branch of Pachi Tanglang International,
a Martial Arts Institute fo
unded in 1978 by Master Su Yu-Chang, a legendary martial artist from Taiwan,

in the line of Grandmaster Liu Yun-Chiao and other masters.

You can find more information about Master Su in English at the school's New York website and there is plenty to watch on our other family websites. Please visit our Links page. The Norwegian site in particular has a rich and pretty up-to-date Videos section.

Cambridge branch was founded in 2003 by Juan Acevedo with direct authorisation from Master Su.
Acevedo has studied under Master Su since 1989, both directly and through his paisu students

Wolfson College, 2013

Our lessons go through Master Su's Taichi Chuan curriculum, which eventually includes some forms of Hsingyi Chuan
(Xingyi Quan) and Pakua Chang (Bagua Zhang). For those interested in faster styles, we also practise the basics of our eponymous style, Praying Mantis Boxing (Tanglang Chuan).

WHERE? Lessons take place at Orchard Park Community Centre, Central Avenue, 
Cambridge, CB4 2EZ
WHEN? Every Thursday evening, 7:30 to 9:00. 
HOW MUCH? First lesson is free, and after that £7 per lesson.

PLEASE DO inform the tutors in advance about any health concern or disability. This will help guarantee that the most convenient routine of exercises to each particular case is advised, thus ensuring a maximum of effectivity of the training. A touchstone for real Kung Fu is that it should always have a beneficial impact on our general health, including our psychological health.

You can contact us at:
01223 420 160
07881 666 254

or email
pachitanglangcambridge at gmail dot com