06/15 - lluvia

The rainy season has arrived, all hail the rainy season
The temperatures have moderated, the dust has quieted down and los montañas are starting to turn green.  What more can we ask for, it's wonderful.  It's my favorite season.

By the time we get to June, most everyone living Lakeside is ready for the rainy season to begin.  We're tired of the dust and dry air and we're ready to see the smoke washed from the sky.

Lakeside is mostly an agricultural area and in the runup to the rainy season the local farmers burn their fields and plow.  So all across Mexico during May a pall of grey smoke hangs in the air.
The picture above was taken from my patio on 5/18 of Mt. Garcia.  The one to the right was taken 5/24 of a field burning that got a little out of control.  To give you some perspective, my patio is about 10 - 12 miles away from that fire.  So if you can see the flames as large as they appear, we're probably looking at 30 - 40 ft flames being fanned by the evening winds.  My guess is that the fire is consuming brush covering one to two square miles if not more.

By morning the fire was out and the villages along the south shore of the lake were not in any real danger as the fire was probably 3 - 4 miles up the mountain.  You'll be able to see the area consumed in the following foto.

Foto (left) taken yesterday 6/14 after the rain.
You can see that this farmer should be able to significantly increase the size of his corn crop this year if he's able to get it plowed in time. 

This year we got a couple of rains prior to the official start of the rainy season.  Between the two rains we got around an inch overall.  But what I find amazing is that after just one inch of rain the mountains started to green-up and within another week they'll be emerald green and beautiful.

Oh, for those of you who might not have had a chance to visit yet.  Those light tan splotches on the side of the mountain are corn fields.  Planted by hand, usually plowed using a mule and a single blade plow.
Over the last year, or so, I have noticed that there seems to be a higher number of people who are coming to Lakeside to see if the area is a potential retirement area.  Of course this is purely anecdotal based on the number of emails I receive from folks, the number of people posting on the local web forums and a Mexpat group on Facebook. 

I am curious as to why the apparent increase in interest.  I wonder if it is because more and more babyboomers in the States are retiring and trying to find a place to make their nest egg last longer and still enjoy a high standard of living.  Or is it because the US and CAN dollar are enjoying a weak peso which makes our dollars go further.

And it seems like it isn't just the Canadians and folks from the States.  Within the last couple months I have spoken with folks moving here from Ecuador and others from the UK.  Are we starting to see the cumulative effect of all those nice articles in the various retirement magazines and International Living finally taking hold and encouraging folks to come down and see if it works for them?

I don't know what is causing it but I am happy to see it.  I think it is great for people to come down and see what it's like.  Most of the expats that live here could care less whether one more expat joins the crowd and many would prefer to think that they can keep Lakeside their own little secret.
But I'm in the camp that thinks the more the merrier.  In the five years we've been here I have seen more of the tapatios from Guadalajara coming down on the weekends to enjoy the lake.  In my condominium we are seeing a larger number of Mexicans buying and building weekend & retirement homes.  And my guess is that as the Mexican economy improves and more and more babyboomers retire the area will continue to grow.  To me that is a good thing as it will mean greater prosperity for the workers and shopkeepers and vendors and an improved standard of living for all.

Life is good aqui, come and find out for yourself.